Rotator Cuff Surgery Mexico

Rotator cuff surgery in Mexico is a great option for the foreign patient as it falls easily within the budget of an average American, who doesn’t have insurance, and is accessible quick enough to a Canadian or British national, who may otherwise have to line up for it at their local hospital.

Medical tourism in Mexico is picking pace as people from other countries travel here for various orthopedic and other kinds of surgeries.

The group of muscles and tendons over the shoulder form the rotator cuff. These muscles are:

  • Supraspinatus muscle
  • Infraspinatus muscle
  • Teres minor muscle
  • Subscapularis muscle

It is the rotator cuff that gives the shoulder joint its full range of motion, but the muscles and tendons that make it up are very small. Also, they are slow to heal when injured or operated on, as this area of the shoulder receives very little blood supply.

Rotator cuff tear or injury might happen in athletes because of increased and constant overhead motion and in non-athletes either because of a traumatic injury or because of wear and tear. It is usually the Supraspinatus muscle that is affected in rotator cuff tears, but other muscles may also injure.

About Rotator Cuff Surgery

Before you set your mind on traveling to Mexico for your rotator cuff repair surgery, you must first analyze your case and determine the exact treatment plan. Not all cases of rotator cuff injury need surgery. Rest, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications can help in many cases.

If the non-surgical methods of treatment fail to bring any change in your symptoms even after 3-6 months, and if the pain in your shoulder starts affecting your routine activities and disturbing your sleep at night, it’s time to consider rotator cuff surgery.

Depending on your case, the doctor will advise you on open shoulder surgery or arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Your Mexico rotator cuff surgeon will brief you on what method he chooses and why, well before the operation. If, along with rotator cuff injury, you also have impingement syndrome, an arthroscopic subacromial decompression may be required along with your rotator cuff repair. If not necessary, the surgeon may go for metal suture anchors for tendon-to-bone repair, side-to-side repair, or he may choose to perform a combination of the two. Bone spurs, if any, also need to be removed to prevent further contact friction.

Cost of Rotator Cuff Surgery in Mexico

Rotator cuff repair is a complex procedure and is best done by an orthopedic surgeon who has a lot of experience in performing such surgeries. Rotator cuff repair in Mexico is priced very low when compared to the same in the US, and most patients can end up making savings of over 50 percent the treatment cost.

However, it is advisable to not just be drawn to the lowest cost of treatment but also consider the qualification of the doctor and the facilities offered by the hospital to ensure you are not compromising on quality for money.


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