Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Cash-pay bariatric surgery in the USA is not within the financial means of everybody and many people head to Mexico, Costa Rica, or other countries in pursuit of weight-loss surgery procedures like lap band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Bariatric procedures are advised to patients with BMI above 30 and with significant obesity-related health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. Such weight-loss operations cost around $20,000 in the USA, and obviously, it is beyond the means of many uninsured and even partially insured people.

If you are among those who desire but cannot acquire a gastric sleeve or bypass package, do not fret. There is hope – and that too, in the Sin City of Las Vegas.

Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas is available at highly discounted prices, which should not require you to break the bank.  Self-paying individuals would be surprised to find such low costs of lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, rny gastric bypass, and other weight loss surgeries in the US. This offer is especially beneficial for those who are hesitant about having to go to the other side of the border and be treated by a surgeon whose belongs to a dissimilar culture and speaks a different language.

Although many of the foreign doctors, who deal with medical tourists, are usually able to converse in English but some people would just not be comfortable getting treated on an alien land. Ofcourse, travel expenses and security concerns are also the reasons why some people are reluctant to go to another country.

By opting for weight loss surgery in Las Vegas not only do you get to have your treatment in the US but also get to save thousands of Dollars. Maybe, not as many as you’d be able to save in Mexico, but still a lot.

Offering low cost options for lap band, sleeve gastrectomy and other weight loss surgery procedures, our network bariatric doctor in Las Vegas is sought by many. Being the famed fun destination that it is, Las Vegas is easy to reach as it is well connected by flights with Canada and all US states.

People traveling to Las Vegas for a weight loss surgery have an added advantage of getting a chance to vacation in one of the liveliest cities of the world. With an ever active lifestyle, beautiful places to visit and numerous shopping venues, Las Vegas is a dream holiday destination.