Same-day Implants Cost in India

We’re all hard pressed for time. This also sometimes means we run the risk of ending up getting cheap fixes to compensate for the time crunch. This holds true for dental implants. While traditional implants may take good 4-6 months before the function is assumed, they’re essentially cost-prohibitive. If you’re nodding in agreement, consider taking a medical trip to India, for the cost of same day implants in India will make you wonder – “Why, in God’s name, does my dentist charge too much?”

“Is it quality…?” – We hear you saying. Let’s find out.

Are One-day Dental Implants in India as Good?

This section will speak in depth about the technologies used and protocols followed for one-trip dental implants in India. It is advised that readers research well for same-day implant protocols in advanced countries in order to make an objective assessment and comparison. For the ease of readers, here’s one such review of Mexican dental services.

Same Day Dental Implants Cost in India

Below is the insider’s scoop on protocols and technologies employed by top dentists in India.

  • Before you set foot in India for your dental treatment, your dentist will ascertain your candidature by examining your medical history. He will ask about your previous experiences with dental implants, if any.
  • This procedure is not for everyone and before heading to India for one-day dental implants you must ensure you’re eligible.
  • Once ensconced in your dentist’s chair in India, you will undergo 3D scans, possibly using GALELIOS 3D diagnostic and treatment solution which produces 500% better resolution 95% lesser radiation exposure. The 3D mock-up will help your dental surgeon get a fair idea of the condition of your oral tissues and plan the treatment accordingly. In essence, you will undergo 2 surgeries – first, virtual and pain-free and second, actual and pain-free!
  • Forward. Time to place the titanium post. A titanium post, which is bio-compatible and simulates a dental root, will be drilled into the bone. As gory as it may sound, there is little mess when compared to traditional implants which, in their wake, leave behind deeper holes and a jungle of sutures.
  • Next, a temporary crown, designed and milled using CEREC dental CAD/CAM technology, would be placed on the abutment. Rest assured, these temporaries look as good as real. You can smile, eat, and speak normally while the bone integrates with titanium posts. A word of caution – follow the dietary protocol strictly as prescribed by the dentist, especially for the few days immediately after your implant placement.

Making the Most of Your Dental Travel to India

Here’s the exciting part. India figures in almost every avid traveler’s bucket list. If you decide to get your immediate-load dental implants in India, you should consider your dental trip to be manna from heaven. Here’s how you can make the most of your trip.

  • Make sure that you visit Ghats of Ganges in Rishikesh. If you’re adventurous kind, let us remind you that rafting in Ganges is truly amazing experience.  To quote Vasudeva, the ferryman in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha – “The river knows everything; one can learn everything from it,” It’s absolutely true of Ganges.  New Delhi, India
  • Himalayas on the north frontier should be your next pit stop. If you travel a little northwards from Rishikesh, you’d be right in the middle of mountain country. What do you do then? Take a hike, literally!
  • Travel a little westward and you’d be in Rajasthan – the enchanting, mystical desert land. It was once a bastion of kings. These royal remnants are sprinkled throughout the state.
  • From modern metros to old towns still immersed in tradition, India offers a lot to see – provided you have the time, and the will to visit.

The Cost of Same Day Dental Implants in India

Now, you must be wondering – “How much for same-day dental implants in India?”

Well, it would be futile to quote in exact terms the cost of immediate load dental implants in India since prices vary from dentist to dentist, but it can be said with some degree of conviction that you could save about 4-5 times of the money you would end up paying in most parts of America, Europe or Australia.

The simplest explanation for such low prices of dental implant treatment in India is the low cost of living in the country. Besides, dentists here are not as burdened with education loans or malpractice claims as in the West.

Opting to travel to India for same-day dental implants will not only save you a great deal of time but also help you save a lot of money. However, it is important first to find out if same day implants are suitable for you, and how long a stay will the whole process require? “Same-day” doesn’t apply literally—it may take a few days before the final crowns can be placed and you must confirm all details with your dentist in advance.


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