Self-Pay Gastric Bypass

Self-pay gastric bypass isn’t so uncommon these days. Of course, it helps to know where to get affordable weight loss surgery, so that it’ll be easier on your bank account. Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you go by figures provided by the National Institute of Health’s Weight-Control Information Network, the cost of gastric bypass, also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or simply R-en-Y surgery, in the United States is definitely not cheap, and not always within everyone’s budget! Insurance for gastric bypass exists, of course. But private insurance companies don’t always have it on coverage, and some of those that do cover it don’t really pay for the whole shebang. That is the reason why some people prefer to pay for the procedure themselves.

Gastric bypass is an effective way to lose weight. The benefits of this weight loss surgery are confined not only in curbing obesity but also in keeping a check on type 2 diabetes, which has been concluded in a study by Zhang X, Huang W, Zhang Y, Zhou W, Zhou L, Huang Z, Qu J, Gao G, Huo S, Kong F, Zhang JF published in Pub Med, US National Library of Medicine on August 19, 2011.

Gastric Bypass Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of how to pay for gastric bypass surgery.
  • A lot of private insurances aren’t into financing gastric bypass, but some do cover the procedure.
  • You need to read your insurance policy very thoroughly to know if it covers gastric bypass. Or get in touch with your insurance agency for clarification.
  • In the United States, Medicaid can cover gastric bypass, but you’d have to meet several criteria. You can only get help from Medicaid if you have complications related to obesity.
  • Same as Medicaid, Medicare in the United States only covers gastric bypass costs if you have a complicating condition related to obesity. Medicare has categorically mentioned on its website that it will not cover bariatric procedures on patients who are only diagnosed with obesity and do not suffer from any of the co-morbidities associated with obesity. Additionally, you’d have to go to one of Medicare’s certified medical facilities for your surgery to be covered financially.
  • Some insurance agencies cover gastric bypass but leave some of the expenses to come out of your pocket. This is something you must clarify with your insurance agency beforehand, especially if you can’t afford extra expenses for the moment.

Opting For Self Pay Gastric Bypass

  • Self pay gastric bypass might seem like an extreme approach, as the procedure is quite costly.
  • However, if you know where to look for, you might be able to find a gastric bypass weight loss option within your reach.
  • If your operation is partially covered by insurance, the amount that has to come out of your pocket is definitely smaller. But make sure you know how much exactly you would have to spend prior to surgery.
  • A lot of self pay gastric bypass patients opt to go to medical tourism destinations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, Belgium and Jordan for the procedure.
  • Though if you’d like somewhere closer home, just look around. For example, did you know you can get affordable and safe self pay weight loss surgery in Las Vegas? How about considering affordable gastric bypass obesity surgery in neighboring Mexico?

Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Cost of gastric bypass in developing nations is definitely lower than in first-world countries.
  • Developing nations with medical tourism industries are viable choices if you’re going the self pay route.Weight Loss Surgery Cost
  • Of course, what you’ll actually have to spend depends on where you decide to go – different countries have different costs of living.
  • Check out each country’s reputation for gastric bypass surgery, as well as the reputations of potential hospitals and doctors.
  • If you want a more concrete price on what you might be paying, feel free to contact Medical Trip for a quote.
  • Make sure to add in extra costs if you decide to stay in the country for more than the procedure itself, and go on a vacation.
  • Your safety is in your own hands – do everything you can to find out about where you’re going. Don’t forget, however, that gastric bypass risks are very real, so you’d still have to arrange with a doctor back home to go to in case complications arise.

Self pay gastric bypass is sometimes the only way to take for people who want to shed the weight, but can’t rely on insurance. You just need to know how to find the best deal available to you so that you don’t have to drown in debt to pay for something that could better the quality of your life.

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