Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana as Reviewed by Serena

The video shows a happy Serena talking about her bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Success stories such as Serena’s prove that life after weight loss surgery in Tijuana is not just a lot lighter but also a lot satisfying. One of the biggest advantages of weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve is remission of accompanying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. And not to mention the radical changes in eating habits post surgery. You could either have a burger or fries but not both.

Narration – ‘If you feel that, if anybody feels that, or they’ve been thinking about having surgery, it is a right thing to do, at least it was for me. It was, I wish I had done it a long time ago. That’s it.

The day before the surgery, I almost didn’t have it because my brother who is very protective, he thought I was going to have it in the United States. And when he found out it was in Mexico. Oh my god, he called me, he said – “Are you crazy? What are you thinking? Why are you gonna have it done in Mexico?” you know whole bunch of, I mean I was, I started crying and I said – “you know what, I don’t need you to tell me this today, the day before the surgery, it’s a decision I already made and I’m gonna do it. I gonna die anyway, if I keep eating the way I’m eating and the way I’m, you know, if I keep the way I’m living, I’m shortening my life. So if God decides if I die over there, I die over there.”

So, now he is really happy. Suddenly he saw me, we go to the same church and he didn’t recognize me. He was in disbelief. “I cannot believe, I didn’t recognize my own sister”. So they’re very happy, my sister, my Mom, my children are, you don’t know how my children are, I mean, they’re very supportive right now and they keep pushing me when they see me eating something they think I shouldn’t de eating, they don’t leave me alone.’

Although closer to the US-Mexico border, Tijuana is not geographically feasible destination for some U.S. states. For citizens from states such as Texas or New Mexico, sleeve gastrectomy in Cancun, Mexico might hold appeal.  As an added bonus, Cancun doubles up as a perfect holidaying destination.

Make a conscious choice. Choose gastric sleeve, choose life. And if you choose Mexico as your surgery destination, you could choose to save a lot of money – money you could put to good use such as, investing in fully-equipped home gym.

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