Surgery in India

Included among the lists oftop medical tourism destinations in the world, India is becoming more and more popular with people who need excellent healthcare for lower costs. Surgery in India is performed by highly-skilled surgeons in JCI accredited hospitals that rival the best hospitals in North America and Europe.Surgery in India

The most popular procedures sought by medical tourists include cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, surrogacy, orthopedic procedures, and eye surgery in India

Low cost of surgery in India does not in any way mean they sacrifice the quality of services. The reason they are able to charge very less for medical fees and mostly everything else related to trips to the country is their very low cost of living. Aside from the medical fees, medical tourists pay very little for other things like hotel accommodations, in-country transportation services, food, and shopping. 

The world is quickly becoming aware of how healthcare tourism in India can be the answer to their health issues that can hardly be addressed in their home countries with dwindling funds. The frustration of knowing you need to have a surgery done and yet do not have enough money to pay for it can be very stressful and discouraging. India, with its medical tourism industry offering services that are often as expensive as in countries like the US, Canada, and the UK, is a welcome option for people who once thought they have run out of choices.

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This Asian country accommodates almost all medical needs of a tourist. India’s top hospitals have the best neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, surrogacy experts, ophthalmologists, and other specialists. Most hospitals that cater to international patients even have in-house teams especially dedicated to serving medical tourists. For anything a patient may need, someone is always just a phone call away. One of the best reasons to go to India for surgery is that most people in the country can speak very good English. Such facilities help the patients develop a comfortable rapport with Indian surgeons and medical staff.

India is also a popular destination because of the extra activities that it offers to the tourists before or after surgery (depending on recommendations from the doctor, of course). Millions of tourists from other continents flock to India each year for their majestic temples and very rich culture. Medical tourists do not only enjoy India’s excellent quality of healthcare, with some money left over from low cost surgery in India, they can easily include trips to various tourist spots in the itinerary.

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