Surrogate Mothers in India

Surrogate Mothers in IndiaAccording to the American Pregnancy Association website, every year, over 60 million women are in the child-bearing age of 15-44 years. Six million of these women sadly deal with infertility issues. One solution for those wanting to further their families is hiring surrogate mothers in India. The high quality and low costs of surrogacy and other infertility treatments in India can be the answer for those having infertility issues.

Low Surrogate Fees in India

The compensation paid to surrogate mother in India is lower because of the following reasons:

  • India has a lower cost of living than most countries in the world, so medical treatments are also a lot cheaper compared to the US, the UK, Canada and other First World countries.
  • Hospitals, clinics, and doctors, even with world-class facilities and skills, charge only a fraction of the prices charged by their western counterparts.
  • The emergence of a competitive surrogacy tourism industry in India also ensures that clinics vie with each other to provide the highest quality of services at the most competent of prices.

Reasons to Choose Agencies Providing Surrogate Mothers in India

  • Gateway of India and The Taj - Mumbai, IndiaQuality infertility services are offered at very low costs. Sometimes the prices can be only about 50-80% of what it would normally cost in western countries which permit commercial surrogacy.
  • Surrogate agencies in India offer packages that may include surrogate mother fees, medical fees incurred from the start of the process until childbirth, and her boarding and lodging with food, among others. These packages can save you a lot of money and allow you to feel secure about your child’s health and security as surrogate mothers are housed and well-taken care of during the whole term.
  • Cryo-shipping of sperm to India for surrogacy is possible for couples who cannot go personally for the first step of the process. Some couples who opt to do this only go to India once – to bring the baby back to their home countries.
  • Healthcare professionals offering surrogacy in India speak good English. Therefore, communication is very smooth with clients and patients—be it explaining the process even before it starts or in the regular conference calls parents usually do to check on the status of their surrogate pregnancy.
  • To help clients find a surrogate mother, surrogacy agencies provide would-be parents profiles they can read through and choose from. They also have an intense screening procedure for surrogate mothers to ensure that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for the program. This means that clients will not have to communicate with some strange woman from a strange place by randomly finding surrogate mothers online.

Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy to choose from: traditional and gestational surrogacy.

  • Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate’s own eggs are used because the would-be mother doesn’t have her own eggs or has low quality ones. The sperm from the biological father is injected directly into the uterus or the vaginal canal, and there is no in vitro fertilization (IVF) involved.
  • Gestational surrogacy means IVF is used, using eggs from either the intended mother or an egg donor – never the surrogate’s. In this procedure, the surrogate has no genetic connection at all to the baby. Because of the IVF involved, this is usually more expensive.

Whether it is through traditional or gestational surrogacy, having a baby with the help of surrogate mothers in India has helped many people achieve their goals of having a child. Make sure to get as much information as possible, and that the agency you are working with is able to explain every step to take on this journey.


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