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Medical Trip to Cancun and Tourists’ Safety – Bariatric Surgeon

In this video a leading bariatric surgeon discusses about medical trip to Cancun and tourists’ safety. Cancun is possibly the safest city in Mexico with no travel warnings by U.S. state department. Crime is almost non-existent here. However, it is advised to medical tourists to Cancun or elsewhere in Mexico that they obey social and […]

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Cost of Teeth Restoration in Mexico

The video shows Phoenix, Arizona resident discussing the cost of teeth restoration in Mexico. Mouth restoration includes a range of dental procedures like tooth whitening, smile redesign and cosmetic dentistry treatments for all forms of teeth and smile makeovers. Some other procedures it covers are power bleaching of your teeth, gum lift, teeth shaping, veneers […]

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Stomach Plication – Mexico Weight Loss Surgeon

This video shows a renowned weight loss surgeon from Mexico explaining stomach plication. Following is the video narration. “Gastric plication surgery is a new procedure. It is a restrictive procedure that is becoming popular because we don’t cut stomach so the risk is less. We were part of the first surgeons in Mexico, performed that […]

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Hip Resurfacing in Mexico

Before FDA approved this procedure in the United States, Americans were travelling to other countries, and many have gone to get hip resurfacing in Mexico. Hip resurfacing surgery has become popular due to its ability to retain structures in the hip instead of replacing them and also due to quick recovery after the procedure. Apart from […]

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