Teeth Implants in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video interview, a leading surgeon for teeth implants in India talks about his education and experience. He also discusses the  cost of dental implants in India, which is apparently the biggest draw for dental tourists in India.

Watch this video to hear it from this renowned prosthodontist in India.

 Education and Experience- Video Narration

“I am an MDS in prosthodontics, so basically a prosthodontist, MDS (masters in dental surgery). I have also done MSc in laser dentistry, I have done myemdola degree in laser dentistry which is from Arctic University in Germany and the emdola degree is from three universities – Belgium, France and Germany and I have also done certificate programs in implant dentistry , all the way back in 88 and now I teach implant and laser dentistry. I am the faculty of three different universities.

“I am basically a member of all the implant academies in the world including the ISOI which is Indian Society of Oral Implantology, ICOI which is Indian Congress of Oral Implantology. I am also the member of all the laser academies in the world including WFLD which is the World Federation of Laser Dentistry. I am the president of Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry now. I present virtually every time in the Indian implant societies which is happening now in January in Pune. I have also presented internationally in – Taiwan, Honkong, in US, in Germany, in Dubai, so basically all over the world. And its virtually about 3 or 4 presentations every year. I also do training programs for dentistsin all these countries.

“I think we have to segregate two issues in this. One is feel good dentistry and the other one, we always say is – serious dentistry.

“So I think what both of these can be attractive to international patients. One are the patients who visit here and then get the feel good dentistry done, that is smile designing or tooth whitening, you know those procedure because they are cheaper than available in the west. What we are concentrating on mainly I serious dentistry, that is implant dentistry, that is laser dentistry.

“Even with lasers, there is no post operative complication, that’s the first issue so it’s very good. Implants of course is a major field for overseas patients to come in, because of the cost factor involved in it and in implants we are doing single tooth implants to multiple bridges to fully people without teeth and we are restoring them with fixed implants completely. So these are the procedures that we are looking at in all these foreign patients.

“Immediate loading implants means to place an implanting. You have a crown on the implant on the same day and the patient goes home. Within a week’s time to 10 days, the entire procedure is over and the patient has gone home. That is immediate loading. And this is now possible in various denominations, for example if you have less amount of bone available in the back part, the posterior part of the lower jaw or the upper jaw then we can use a concept called the all in four in which we only use four implants – two angulated implants at the back and two straight implants in the front and we can load it immediately on the day 1. So what we have done is, we can either use it with a guide which means that there is no opening in the gums, there are no stitches taken.

“It’s a completely painless procedure. We can use it with a stent or we can use it without a stent, which means that it will take us about a week to 10 days to finish the procedure completely and the patient goes home with a permanent prosthesis in his mouth, a permanent bridge in his mouth in that one sitting. So it’s a one trip procedure.

We can also do this for six implants, so we call it all on six, the whole bridge on six or we can do upto eight implants and its called all on eight. The advantage of using more implants ofcourse is that in case in the future after 10 years, one implant fails, you don’t have to change the whole bridge on top so that’s the advantage. But of course when you do the all on four, it is in cases where is no adequate bone available so you don’t have to do sinus grafts or sinus lifting procedures or grafting procedures so we obviate the need to do that and therefore we can do it in one trip rather than in multiple visits.”

The cost of dental implants in India, when compared with the US and the UK, clearly explains the reason why people from across the globe are coming to the place for their dental treatment. Also, internationally trained experts, no waiting queues and state-of-the-art hospitals and dental clinics in India contribute to the rise in medical tourism in India.

Those seeking dental surgery in India ,  must make a checklist of all the dos and don’t in advance to ensure they have a nice experience in the Asian country.


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