Dental Trip to Mexico – Testimonial

In this video a retired teacher from Phoenix, Arizona resident talks about his dental trip to Mexico.

Mexico has a plenty of highly qualified dental surgeons, state-of-the-art dental clinics and hospitals, affordable cost and no long waiting queues.  Along with the quality medical procedure in Mexico, another attraction that completes the trip is the serene landscape beauty of the beaches. One can enjoy a relaxing holiday with the dental procedure.

Watch this video to hear from the Phoenix resident.


Narration – “It’s a little bit concern about what quality, before I came over. I know the prices are good, I wanted to be sure if the quality will be the same because I had bad experiences…in Algodones about four years ago which had to use root canal but that’s more obvious, you know, I was just across the border first time I came.

This time somebody drove me to the office and the work was done pretty quick. The work quality is pretty good…in the four months. So I was kinda scared and more sceptical this time but people told me as long as I found a good one, it’ll have a more comparable quality and the materials to the USA.”

In spite of Mexico’s proximity to many US cities, it is wise to carry your US passport, even when traveling in your car as it’s an entirely different country.

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