Venous Angioplasty in India

Although the procedure is still in testing phases in the U.S. and Canada, patients afflicted with multiple sclerosis can get venous angioplasty in India. If you suffer from this crippling disease, angioplasty, or liberation surgery in India, could change your life forever. Venous Angioplasty in India

Venous angioplasty is a very efficacious procedure with a low complication rate. A study released by Ameds Centrum in Poland found instances of relapse in only 3 of the 420 (0.7%) patients studied. By undergoing the venous angioplasty procedure, there is a very good chance that your MS will go away for good.

How Does Venous Angioplasty Work?

Venous angioplasty is an endovascular treatment of a condition called chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCVIS), which Italian researcher Paolo Zamboni hypothesized to be a cause of MS in 2008. This condition inhibits blood flow to the central nervous system.

Venous angioplasty and stenting (the temporary placement of a tubular support in the blood vessel to facilitate blood flow) have been proven to be safe ways to get blood flowing to the central nervous system at an adequate rate, and therefore significantly alleviate a patient’s suffering from this disease that was, until recently, considered incurable.

How Much For Venous Angioplasty in India?

Since the procedure is not available in the U.S., there is no way to compare it to prices you might pay in your local hospital. However, venous angioplasty prices in India, like those of most other medical procedures here, aren’t something you will not be able to afford.

  • Besides India, medical travelers also go to Poland, Costa Rica and Kuwait to receive this treatment, but these countries can’t beat the low angioplasty surgery costs in India.
  • The country’s low cost of living is the primary reason you can get venous angioplasty in India for so much cheaper than in other countries. New Delhi - India
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Angioplasty for MS Treatment in India – Is It Safe?

The question of safety is an important one to address before making any decisions to get medical care abroad – whether it is dental veneers in Cancun or angioplasty in India – this is, after all, your health we’re talking about. In India, however, you can rest assured that you will be safe and well taken care of.

  • India’s economic boom is apparent in the state of its medical system. As the economy grows, more money is invested in the healthcare system, bringing it up to par with those in developed nations.
  • India is home to 21 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals.
  • These hospitals are state-of-the-art medical facilities that are stocked with the latest in cutting edge technologies and staffed by world class medical professionals.
  • Indian surgeons who perform venous angioplasty for multiple sclerosis are some of the world’s most highly respected medical practitioners.
  • Many of them have gone abroad to train and work and therefore understand the type of care that Western patients expect to receive when in hospital.
  • The majority of our network surgeons in India speak perfect English. You should have no problem comfortably conversing and sharing your concerns with your doctor.


Just because your country may be lagging behind when it comes to MS treatment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do all that is in your power to get better. There is a way to do that. Venous angioplasty in India is your affordable option for getting rid of your MS for good.


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