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Weight Loss with Lap Band Surgery in Las Vegas

Why Las Vegas ?Weight Loss with Lap Band - Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known to be the “entertainment capital of the world.”  It is a big gambling and shopping destination, but the place also offers some good healthcare options. Weight loss surgery in Las Vegas can be of benefit to medical tourists, who are looking for affordable options in surgical weight loss.

Lap band surgery is among the least invasive, and most popular of available weight loss surgeries.

Lap Band in Las Vegas  can be significantly cheaper as compared to other cities in US.

The surgery may take about an hour to complete and within 24 hours one is usually allowed to leave the hospital.

Once out of the hospital, you may plan to explore the “Sin City,” provided your doctor has no objections.

Who are the candidates for Lap Band Surgery ?

  • People with BMI more than 40 or with BMI between 35-40, along with serious obesity related diseases like diabetes, high B.P,  sleep apnea, etc.
  • Tried and failed all non-surgical weight loss methods.

Is it safe ?

Like any other surgical procedure, gastric banding may involve some risks. Besides the common risks associated with most surgeries like infection, excessive bleeding, nausea, lap band surgery may also have the following complications:

  • Slippage of Band
  • Erosion (when bond gradually moves from outside of stomach to inside of the stomach

Lap-Band removal ?

Lap Band is not meant to be removed; however, it is possible.  Once this band is taken out, stomach may return to its original shape, and may cause the individual to regain the original weight or even more.

Other names for Lap Band Surgery

Laparoscopic gastric banding, Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, LAGB, Band-aid surgery

What are the advantages of Lap Band Surgery ?

  • Increases quality of life and more activeness due to reduced weight.
  • Steadier weight loss as compared to any weight loss procedure like gastric band.
  • As lap band is adjustable, therefore, weight loss continues for a longer time.