Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Lap band surgery started in USA in year 2001 after FDA approval, but this weight loss surgery in Mexico has been performed for many Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana - Mexico years before that. The primary reason why Americans opt for lap band surgery in Tijuana is the lower price. While the surgery costs around $12,000 in USA, lap band in Tijuana, Mexico costs just a fraction of the figure.

As per an article by Remy scalza, published in The Washington Post on March 4, 2011, the price of procedures in Tijuana is only about 50 to 60% of the American prices.The Mexican border town is preferred primarily by patients from California and other western states in the USA. This is because Tijuana is within driving distance. There are no border charges for entering Tijuana.

Getting Lap Band in Tijuana – Things to Consider

  • When considering lap band in Tijuana, Mexico, it is important to choose your hospital carefully. Be sure to choose a fully integrated hospital rather than a clinic. This way, you would not need to be moved in the rare case of an unexpected complication occurring during surgery. Ideally, the hospital should have ICU, MRI, Blood Bank, X-Ray, Pharmacy, and doctor’s offices, all at the same location.
  • You might want a friend or relative to accompany you when you go for lap band in Tijuana, Mexico. Therefore, look for a hospital that has boarding arrangements for a guest accompanying the patient. In addition, you should also ensure that the hospital staff where you plan to get your lap band in Mexico speaks and understands English and not just Spanish. This is important for clear and open communication between you, your surgeon, and the other hospital staff.
  • Before agreeing to a Tijuana lap band surgery, review the track record and reputation of the hospital you are considering.
  • In addition to the hospital, you should also be careful Signboard of USA in Mexico when selecting your surgeon for lap band in Tijuana, Mexico. Verify the credentials and surgical experience of your surgeon.
  • The best surgeons for Tijuana lap band surgery have experience of over 500 surgeries. Ideally, you should look for INAMED (Allergan) or John Johnson certified surgeons. INAMED is a global leader in manufacturing obesity intervention products. Both Allergan & Johnson Johnson lap bands are FDA approved.

An example of an international quality hospital with leading lap band surgeons is Hospital Angeles. Hospital Angeles is a popular choice for lap band in Tijuana, Mexico. It is a one-stop hospital with the latest technology and is fully equipped. All doctors practicing in Hospital Angeles are certified by the Mexican Medical Board. More than 50% of its patients are from outside Mexico.

Gastric banding in Tijuana may be the right choice for you especially if you are located in western USA and require a weight loss surgery.

Travelling to Tijuana for Lap Band Surgery

Proximity of the Tijuana border to the USA allows easy access for Americans. Flying into San Diego (Airport Code SAN) followed by ground transportation  is one of the most popular means.  Lap band packages in Tijuana include hotel, ground transportation and more.


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