Hernia Surgery in Mexico

Hernia Surgery in MexicoHernias can be agonizingly debilitating. To get respite from the condition, hernia surgery in Mexico can be looked into. Mexico is an established medical tourism destination internationally and is especially popular among Americans because of proximity and high quality of medical care available at competitive prices.

Hernia Treatment- Factfile

A hernia is an abnormal bulging of internal organs, often the intestine. It happens because of a weakness in a muscular wall. This weakness itself can be a result of numerous factors. There are different types of hernia, namely inguinal, femoral, hiatal, and umbilical hernia.

The different treatment options for hernia are as follows –

Open Mesh Surgery: A small incision is made at the hernia site. The bulging tissue is then returned to the abdominal cavity. The repair of this area is completed by first sealing the hernia rupture or hole with a plug made of a sterile mesh material, and then suturing a piece of sterile mesh material over the mesh seal. There are a number of state-of-the-art medical facilities offering open mesh hernia surgery in Mexico.

Laparoscopic Surgery: In this minimally invasive procedure, the patient is put under general anesthesia. The surgeon inserts small tubes through the abdominal wall, one of which is a tiny video camera, and performs the surgery while viewing the hernia on a TV monitor. As with the open mesh method, a mesh is used to repair the hernia site.

Caribbean Sea in Cancun - MexicoBut eligibility for laparoscopic surgery depends on a number of factors. The surgeon must be able to see the interior of the abdomen clearly, and sometimes obesity or large amounts of scar tissue make that difficult. Also, the patient may not be a good candidate because other health problems may prohibit the use of general anesthesia. The choice of the surgical procedure is based on patient safety.

Postoperative Care

  • After open mesh surgery, you are required to rest for 4-6 weeks. But with laparoscopic or keyhole surgery, you can get back to work in about a week.
  • Adults should avoid heavy lifting or straining for about 6 – 8 weeks after surgery. Such activity can disrupt the hernia repair.

Hernia Surgery Cost in Mexico

Considering that quite a few health insurance plans qualify some forms of hernia treatment as elective, the low hernia surgery prices in Mexico will come as a breather. For only a fraction of the cost, one can avail healthcare services at par with the American standards.

Why Should You Consider Hernia Surgery in Mexico?

Besides low costs, there are several advantages of opting for hernia treatment in Mexico –

  • Mexico is home to well equipped hospitals which have strict standards of hygiene. One of our network hospitals is only about 20 minutes from the El Paso Airport in Texas.
  • Several of the country’s prestigious healthcare institutions have also bagged coveted JCI-accreditations.
  • Mexico is the closest value-for-money medical tourism destination for Americans.
  • Another selling point of hernia treatment in Mexico is the easy availability of highly qualified and experienced surgeons. Mexico also boasts of an impressive pool of doctors who have served in the United States. So is it easy to find one who not only speaks English, but is also aware of the needs of foreign patients.

Do keep in mind that due diligence is the key to making your experience of hernia surgery in Mexico a positive one. Do not forget to research well and go through patient testimonials and feedback to keep yourself insulated from purveyors of shoddy medical treatments.


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