Bariatric Surgery in Costa Rica

Americans and Canadians with a BMI of 30 and above, who are planning to go under the knife for weight-loss, weighing up the risks and benefits of different weight loss surgeries, and fretting over the amount of money they will have to shell out to undergo one, can find respite in Costa Rica. Bariatric Surgery in Costa Rica is just about half its price in the US or Canada, and is also more readily available.

Sometimes called the “Switzerland of Central America,” this small Latin American country with its tranquil lifestyle has the potential to assuage your anxieties, and those who choose to get their gastric sleeve or gastric bypass in Costa Rica can expect the advantage of a serene environment as they recover from their surgeries.

Feeling Anxious about Bariatric Surgery in Costa Rica?

Flying to a foreign location, especially in pursuit of medical care, is likely to make you nervous. You are not alone. Visiting any hospital—to get a dressing on a small cut or to undergo a major surgery—makes most of us edgy. They call it the “white coat hypertension” and when you have to fly to a distant land for a medical procedure, it may send the anxiety level up one notch. Bariatric Surgery in Costa Rica

To ease the anxiety associated with traveling to Costa Rica for bariatric surgery, you must:

  • Conduct an extensive research on the internet and make a smart choice
  • Look for genuine testimonials of people who have already done it
  • Have a direct word with the doctor/facility that you decide to visiting in Costa Rica

Candidate Profile for Weight-loss Surgery

  • BMI > 35 or BMI > 30 with related co-morbidities
  • Free of any systemic diseases/infection that make you unfit for undergoing any surgery
  • Not addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Tried extensively but failed at non-surgical weight-loss methods
  • Committed to weight-loss and willing to make the required lifestyle changes

Benefits of Traveling to Costa Rica for Obesity Surgery

  • Weight loss surgery is quite costly in the US and Canada and medical insurance usually does not pay for bariatric surgeries. Even after adding all other expenses like travel and accommodation, gastric bypass, lap band, or gastric sleeve in Costa Rica comes out to be much cheaper.
  • This small country has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.
  • Costa Rican bariatric surgeons in our network have extensive experience in not only performing different weight-loss surgeries but also in dealing with medical tourists. Many of them have received advanced training in bariatric surgery from respected medical universities in Costa Rica and abroad.
  • Costa Rica’s geographical proximity to the US means flights are going to be short.
  • Approximate flight-times to San Jose in Costa Rica are:
    • 5.5 hours from New York
    • 6.5 hours from San Francisco
    • 4.5 hours from Chicago
    • 5 hours from Denver
  • American and Canadian citizens do not require a visa for stay of up to 90 days. This cuts down on the bureaucratic hassle involved in planning a trip abroad.
  • Although Spanish is the first language in Costa Rica, many of our network doctors can converse in English.
  • Costa Rica is a peaceful country that permanently abolished its army around 50 years ago.
  • The country has a stable democracy and is very tourist-friendly; a visit to Costa Rica for weight-loss surgery can easily double up as a great holiday. Volcano in Costa Rica


Other Important Things to Note

Obesity and surgery to get rid of it have serious long-term effects on your health and even on your finances. It is important to evaluate all relevant aspects before making a decision on which surgery you should choose, where would you like to get it done, or whether you must undergo bariatric surgery at all. While considering obesity surgery in Costa Rica, look into the following:

  • Work out the costs of the particular weight loss surgery in Costa Rica and other expenses involved like travel, stay, and food while there.
  • Verify the credentials of the weight loss surgeon and hospital you are considering.
  • Ensure that you have discussed the details of your medical trip like travel, hospital stay, pre- and post-op tests, counseling, aftercare and follow-up.
  • Collect sufficient information on the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is known to yield significant improvements in co-morbidities like diabetes and high cholesterol, but there may be some risks like infections, dumping syndrome, blood clots, etc.
  • A successful weight-loss surgery program also demands lifestyle changes from the patient in terms of food choice, eating habits, exercise, and regular medical check-ups. This may be stressful initially, and one needs good emotional health and a strong will-power to be able to see success.
  • If you are going for lap band surgery in Costa Rica, you may need lap band fills later on to adjust the band. It is advisable that you find a lap band filling center in your home country and make arrangements before going for surgery. Similarly, for other weight loss surgeries, you can seek follow-up care at a local facility.

Traveling to Costa Rica for bariatric surgery may be a difficult decision to make, but once you have found enough information and are confident in the facility you have chosen, you can just sit back and start thinking about the fun you can have on your medical trip.

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