Cancun for Medical Tourism

Watch the following video to hear a noted dentist from Cancun, Mexico talk about the reasons why Cancun is a popular dental/medical tourism destination, and the different countries from where he gets his patients.

Following is the video narration:

“Cancun, and I am sure most of you have heard about Cancun. Cancun is a tourist destination, tourist destination that offers a lot of benefits to patients that want to do their dental work or their medical work in Cancun because, number one, we have the infrastructure, we have so many options of hotels, nice hotels, beautiful hotels. We have the beaches, we have everything. And connectivity – it’s very important thing. I mean we have direct flights from all the major cities in the States and Canada.

“So, we have a lot of patients from these cities: New York, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix (we have foreign patients from Phoenix), Edmonton, Canada, Calgary.

“So, in order for us to, when a patient is interested in coming to Cancun to get their medical or dental work done, it is very easy for them to get the whole thing set up, meaning the hotel, transportation, everything.

“We do transportation for patients, we offer that for them. And, like I said, it is so easy for us to, we even have several hotels, both in the … and downtown that we have agreements with them, that so they, we provide this information to our patients, so that they can get special rates for those hotels, when they coming down to do their dental work with us.

“Mainly we have patients from the US and Canada, of course, because of the proximity, because of connectivity, like I was saying, meaning that we have direct flights from most major cities from within the States and Canada.

“And, we’ve had patients coming through … and we have patients that have come in because we have, we treat their families that live in Cancun and they come in to be treated by us.

“So, it’s a pretty rewarding thing to see that patients come from so far away to have their treatment planned, to have their treatment worked on, to dental work and we try to provide them with the best that we can. Since they’re doing an effort to go over to see us, we always have that warm welcome for them from all our staff.”

If Cancun is not practicable for you, Medical-Trip also facilitates dental treatment in Tijuana and Los Algodones. Whether you come to Mexico for Zirconia crowns, or a full-mouth restoration, Medical-trip can handle it for you.

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