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Meniscus Repair Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

People beleaguered by knee pain owing to damage to the cartilage can get some respite – both physically and financially – by  embarking on a medical trip to avail affordable meniscus repair surgery in Tijuana – Mexico. The meniscus is a c-shaped piece of fibrocartilage located at the front part of the knee joint. It […]

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Back Surgery in India

Are you afflicted by debilitating back pain? Have you suffered a terrible back injury? Does it affect your ability to work and generally  enjoy life? Worried about paying to fix it? There’s good news. Having back surgery in India could be an affordable solution to your vertebral woes. You could save money while you straighten […]

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Knee Ligament Surgery – Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali orthopaedic surgeon in this video comes from the league of highly skilled healthcare professionals in Mexico. Here he discusses the knee ligament or ACL repair surgery. [singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=right] The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) not only prevents the rotation of thigh bone (femur) on the tibia in the knee, but it also prevents […]

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ACL Ligament Repair in Tijuana – Mexico

Patients suffering from joint pain due to an injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) may benefit from ACL ligament repair in Tijuana, Mexico.A report by Gwen Driscoll published in EurekAlert on May 26, 2009 states that an estimated 952,000 California adults seek medical, dental, or prescription services in Mexico annually. The increasing popularity of […]

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Hip Replacement in Tijuana, Mexico

Patients who are in need of hip replacement but cannot bear the skyrocketing medical fees in the United States should consider hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico. Embarking on a medical trip to Tijuana could help you significantly cut costs on surgical procedures. Besides the low cost of total hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, you may […]

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Knee Replacement in Tijuana, Mexico

Knee replacement surgery is an important orthopedic procedure to help combat pain caused by osteoarthritis and other problems. Because of the high cost of surgery, many people are unable to avail it. Knee replacement in Tijuana, Mexico can be an affordable and safe solution, if you are able to find the right orthopedic surgeon in […]

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