Dental Implants Cancun, Mexico

For many people struggling with dentures and requiring a long-term replacement of missing teeth, dental implants would be the apt solution. However, the exorbitant dental treatment prices in most countries of the West act as a deterrent to people’s wish of wearing a stunning smile and gaining an improved chewing efficiency. Dental Implant in Cancun, Mexico

Now, one can get low-priced dental implants in Cancun, Mexico. The fact that high quality teeth implants are offered at a fraction of the price that dentists charge them back home, draws a large number of American and Canadian dental clients every year to Cancun.

Apart from its world-class hospitals and clinics, offering high-end dental services at prices bound to put a smile on your face, Cancun also boasts of vibrant beaches, swanky nightclubs, relaxing spas, and delectable food items to amuse a tourist.

Why Dental Implants?

The embarrassment and discomfort associated with missing teeth and dentures can be quite tormenting.  The most effective long-term solution to tackle the problem of missing teeth is to replace them with dental implants, owing to their esthetic appeal and functional advantages.

Tooth implants, which can be considered a boon for people with edentulism or damaged/broken teeth prevent the jawbone from shrinking, thus, helping people maintain their facial height which otherwise may collapse as more teeth are lost. Since they independently hold a crown or bridgework, they do not strain the remaining original teeth as in case of conventional dental bridges. Dental implants also make it possible to fix overdentures, thereby removing the uneasiness of chewing and speaking related to removable dentures.

Here’s a video of an implantologist in Cancun explaining the types of dental implants in order to help you make an informed choice.



Narration – “Since the 80s when dental implants started, there have been many many changes and we could say that today we have lots of brands, lots of shapes and lots of material. We could say also that Titanium, pure Titanium is most suitable for using like a dental implant. And about the shape, we use some kind of screw with some threads and I strongly recommend to use threads that give the people stability for the initial part. So, we know now that those kinds of implants are near to better success. So that’s important. Many many implants that we do work nicely.

When I see about dental implants is…As a matter of fact in many in Mexico…there is a lot of potential. Many patients have a problem; they go stiff very very commonly. So the best way to replace lost teeth is a dental implant. So, it’s the most suitable tool that we have…”

Why Go to Cancun for Tooth Implants?

There are a host of reasons to choose Cancun for a dental vacation.

  • Cost advantage: Whether you choose to get dental implants or veneers in Cancun, the cost-advantage that this city enjoys over the cities of the US, Canada, and the UK is undeniable. The low cost of living in Mexico makes it possible for healthcare providers in Cancun to offer their services for a minimal charge. Dental packages usually include the doctor’s fee, X-rays, CT-scans, lab charges, and after-surgery care and follow-up. Thus, you end up saving a considerable amount of your money when you decide to head towards Cancun for restoring your damaged teeth.
  • Connectivity: Flights from major cities of the US and Canada make Cancun easily accessible.
  • World-class hospitals: Cancun has a lot of dental facilities with JCI accreditation. An international accreditation is an indicator of the fact that the medical facility adheres to strict guidelines for offering quality treatment and care to clients.
  • Reputed doctors: The dental clinics in our network in Cancun employ some of the most highly qualified and extensively experienced doctors.
  • Medical vacation: Cancun offers a lot of options for a person to benefit from a refreshing break after his/her medical engagements are over.

Beautiful Beach in Cancun

How to Prepare for your Dental Trip to Cancun?

  • Before traveling to Cancun for your dental treatment, do an online research of the best dental clinics and dentists in the city. Reading reviews from satisfied clients can prove beneficial while making your selection.
  • Do confirm what prices are included in the package and enquire about any additional charges. While doing so, make sure you are not just drawn to the lowest prices. The quality of dental services in Mexico varies from clinic to clinic and it would be inadvisable to end up in a cheap place that does not match your quality expectations. That said, you must note that there are many dental clinics in Cancun that are equivalent to the American clinics in terms of quality and it is only a matter of making a good choice.
  • Establish prior contact with the clinics’ representatives and give them proper information about your expected time of travel.
  • It is advisable to keep your schedule flexible, in case you need to extend your stay for some reason. Also, keep ample time for tourism activities to make the most of your stay in this Caribbean retreat.
  • All water in Mexico may not be potable, so make sure you carry packaged drinking water. Some Mexican food can be quite spicy and you must be careful while experimenting with your taste buds.

If you plan well in advance for your dental trip to Cancun, you can expect to have as smooth an affair as taking a Mayan massage or snorkeling in the reefs. This can be a fabulous opportunity to combine an exhilarating vacation with your medical journey, where some of the savings made on your treatment can be used to finance a tropical escapade.

If you are an adventure fiend, you are going to love Cancun for what it has to offer—feeding sharks to riding an all-terrain vehicle through a jungle, you can make your wildest dreams come true. Not to mention the bustling nightlife in Cancun where the party continues till the wee hours. What better place to test your elegant smile than a Cancun nightclub?


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