Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Dental implants in Costa Rica are very popular among the dental tourists for their low cost and excellent quality. Costa Rica is only a few hours away from the US and Canada, and many people from both countries go to Costa Rica to mix dental work and a pleasurable holiday into one trip.

Going to Costa Rica for Dental Implants

  • Dental patients who are interested in having Costa Rica dental implants usually start the consultation process even before they get there. The internet plays a big role in this, for patients can now send X-ray images online for the dental surgeon’s
  • The patient and dentist then coordinate about the treatment plan, depending on the needs of the patient, and an itinerary can be formulated.
  • If using a medical tourism company to facilitate a dental trip to Costa Rica, the patient has an easier time coordinating dental schedules and tourist spot trips as the company can take care of this for the patient. A good medical tourism company will also have access to cheap resorts and transport services that can be included in the package.


Why Choose Costa Rica for Dental Implants?

  • Costa Rica is famous for its excellent-quality medical and dental services.
  • They have high-technological devices and equipment like the best clinics in North America.
  • Costa Rican dentists are mostly trained internationally and speak fluent English.
  • The costs for dental procedures are very low. Costa Rica dental implants for instance can cost only 40% of their cost in the US.
  • They use the same brands of materials as the US and Canada dental clinics use.
  • Holiday destinations are amazing in Costa Rica. Tourists cannot get enough of their beaches and wildlife, and always schedule an extra few days in the country to experience their fun loving culture.
  • The shops and stores mostly accept US dollars for the convenience of American tourists.

Tips for Dental Tourists in Costa Rica

  • Dental tourists in Costa Rica may find that although doctors, dentists, and their medical staff speak English fluently, people one might encounter in the streets may only know Spanish. Knowing common Spanish phrases may be helpful during a visit.
  • Ensure that your visit goes smoothly by constantly coordinating with the medical tourism company or the hospital or clinic for any desires to go on a tourist spot trip. They will be glad to help include these in your itinerary, as well as recommend the best places to go to.Santurio National in Cartago - Costa Rica
  • Medical tourism agencies also have access to the best rates when it comes to hotels, and will connect you to the most popular places medical tourists stay in.
  • Dental tourism in Costa Rica is becoming popular, but waiting times for having procedures done are almost non-existent. Scheduling your trip should go very quickly, so prepare your passport, and other documents you might need for international travel.