Type 2 Diabetes Surgery in India

A leading minimal access surgeon from India talks about type-2 diabetes surgery, popularly known as “Ileal interposition”. The surgeon also specializes in bariatric procedures – gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication and lap band surgery.

Diabetes weight loss surgery in India  is offered by internationally trained doctors and hospitals are well equipped with latest technology to handle such cases.

Diabetes Surgeon from India – Video Narration

“The surgery for the type-2 diabetes, whatever you talk about medication still we are not able to control the type-2 diabetes. Still there are some set of the patients, they go to renal failure, diabetic retinopathy, amputation. So in our opinion, we don’t think that we are able to fight with this disease completely.

Now the newer surgical aspect which is been addressed and we are doing these kind of surgery. The one surgery which is most effective, it is called Ileal interposition. If you look at that, this is the esophagus and here is your stomach….. In this kind of a procedure, what we do is , we take off this much of the stomach and then, ileum is joined to…..

Food directly comes in to contact with GLP hormone.So, this GLP is a hormone, which is bringing down the blood sugar and this GLP is also Insulin tropic.So, therefore, the pancreatic cells that secret insulin, thereby the type-2 diabetes disappears.This is one of the currently, the most popular technique for the type-2 diabetes.

Metabolic Surgery

In thin diabetics, thin individual, this is what we are recommending. Somebody who is obese and who is a diabetic, then we do a simple gastric bypass surgery for that. There is no doubt, beyond doubt, the data or the results which have been published in the data in our ……..type-2 diabetes with a gastric bypass surgery, there is not problem.But Ileal interposition is especially designed for the people who are thin and also they are diabetic.

It is an excellent treatment for type-2 diabetes. Currently there are many papers published and available. Data is available in the world literature. The other procedure which they talk about is the Ileal interposition + Duodenal Switch.Duodenal switch what I am talking about, we have no experience in that. So, currently what I do for a thin diabetic is Ileal interposition.”

For thin diabetics Ileal interposition surgery is done but for obese diabetics obesity surgery is done, says the surgeon. Type -2 diabetes surgery such as gastric bypass in India is offered at an affordable cost. State-of-the-art hospitals and internationally trained surgeons, form a big draw for medical tourists from all parts of the world, who fly to India for their treatment.

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