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Gastric Bypass Revision to StomaphyX

Gastric Bypass SurgeryThe long-term results of gastric bypass surgery, like those of any other weight loss surgery, are dependent to quite an extent on the patient. If a patient doesn’t adhere to a strict low-calorie gastric bypass diet, chances are the weight will come back. According to the University of California, 20% of the 100,000 gastric bypass surgery patients in the United States gain their weight back within a few years after the surgery. And it’s such a waste if you’ve worked hard those first few years. An effective way to correct that is to get gastric bypass revision to StomaphyX.

Gastric bypass surgery is a great way to lose weight, especially if you’re morbidly obese and need surgical help. Affordable gastric bypass is offered around the globe – you can opt for either getting gastric bypass in Mexico or undergoing affordable and safe self pay weight loss surgery in Las Vegas, NV, which could be closer to where you live.

Gastric Bypass Before And After

  • Anyone who undergoes gastric bypass expects to lose a large amount of weight after the procedure. Indeed, people lose considerable poundage, and most keep it off over time.
  • It’s easy to lose weight shortly after gastric bypass because patients can’t eat much while their bodies heal. Unfortunately, the appetite comes back soon enough. And if you don’t do anything about it, post-gastric bypass weight regain can happen.
  • Shedding the post-gastric bypass weight off might not be as easy as getting back on track when it comes to dieting. In time, the small pouch created during gastric bypass can expand, and you will be back to where you started.
  • One of the gastric bypass revision options available to you is StomaphyX.

StomaphyX Gastric Bypass Revision

  • StomaphyX gastric bypass revision is a non-invasive procedure that involves the insertion of a sterile, flexible StomaphyX device to plicate the now expanded stomach.
  • The StomaphyX device is inserted orally – this means no further surgeries are needed to revise your gastric bypass operation!
  • During the procedure, you will be sedated before the device is inserted into your stomach through endoscopic means.
  • StomaphyX isn’t only used as a follow-up procedure for re-stretched stomach pouches; it’s an all-round tool for revision of gastric bypass including instances of gastric leaks.
  • Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, it carries fewer risks for the patient.
  • After getting StomaphyX gastric bypass revision, you’ll go back to the way you were after you first got your gastric bypass procedure done. You will eat less again, as the StomaphyX limits food intake.

Gastric Bypass Revision Cost

  • Costs associated with gastric bypass revision surgery vary depending on the procedure you choose.
  • All of the options, including StomaphyX, are more affordable in developing nations as compared to first-world countries.


  • Be as nitpicky as you can be looking around for options – it’s possible to get the same quality of service in developing nations as you would in a first-world country if you just know where to go!
  • Other gastric bypass revision options include the similar non-invasive ROSE procedure, conversion of gastric bypass to gastric lap band, and a second gastric bypass operation to correct the first one’s failure. The latter two are invasive procedures, so factor in costs related to recovery time and hospital stay if you’re opting for those.
  • If you’re getting StomaphyX, though, you won’t have to have a budget meant for the recovery period!
  • The exact cost of your StomaphyX gastric bypass revision will depend on the hospital you stay in, and the doctor you choose to perform the procedure. That goes on top of the country you choose, of course. While prices in developing nations are generally cheaper, exact costs still vary from country to country. You could ask Medical Trip for a quote, if you wish.

If you have had gastric bypass procedure before, and are encountering problems losing weight, look into the possibility of getting StomaphyX gastric bypass revision. It’s safe, requires no recovery time, and if you look for every option you can get, it can also be affordable.

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