Life after Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows our client – Diana, who chose to undergo the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. With the affordable sleeve surgery, what came along in the package were – quality treatment and personalised attention by the skilled staff and the highly experienced bariatric surgeon. Funny Fat Man

Gastric sleeve, also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (vsg), is a relatively new weight loss procedure. Though the procedure involves removing around 70 percent of the stomach, but as the body’s nutrient absorption capacity remains intact, no malabsorption is observed.

Post sleeve, it is advised to exercise regularly and follow a strict diet regime, which mainly includes liquids for the first two weeks. Hear more on the diet after vsg surgery from Diana in this video.

Following is the video narration

“When I made my decision, no one will convince me of something different though. People who say – “Oh no, you can lose that weight on your own, just go to the Gym and do this, you know, eat less…or less this, or less that. And I say –“Yeah, that’s your point of view but for me, it was different. I said –“No, I made my decision” and that was it. My Mom supported that, you know, that was very important for me.”


“In a way it’s kind of hard that they keep an eye on you, even you know, I was big then, not that I’m small now. Not yet. But, they even care like – “Diana, are you able to eat now, are you sure you can eat that?” So, there are…watchdogs all over, you know, my work place, my boss, my colleagues, my friends, at all the reunions that I go out to.

You know, I even ask the nutritionist, you know what I’m allowed to point to the like, get-togethers for me to enjoy the time, because there are things that you are not supposed to eat. But, you know, a full array of things I can it. So, I was happy to be able and I bring that. I bring that…or vanilla or olives something I can munch to and still enjoy in a group, you know, of friends and friends of friends. Ahan, what can I more like?”

For those who are considering the gastric sleeve surgery, must note that it is irreversible.

While looking for a low cost bariatric surgery abroad, it is advisable to check the surgeon’s credentials and go through some testimonials (if available) on the surgeon’s website. It is equally important to discuss the possible complications that may arise after the surgery, with the surgeon. Since you save a lot on cost after sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, you may consider a site seeing tour to combine this medical trip with a relaxing holiday.

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