Same-day Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Same-day dental implants in Costa Rica could be your way to restore a smile that has been wrecked due to age, accidents, bad eating habits, or just insufficient oral hygiene, and is now suffering for the lack of sufficient dental insurance. Same Day Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Also called immediate load dental implants, these are small metallic screws that are inserted into the jawbone, and fitted on top with a tooth-shaped crown all within 8-10 days.

Same-day does not imply that you’d be leaving the dental office with your permanent new teeth, but in this procedure a temporary crown is given at the time of implant insertion, so you do not have to be toothless at any time. Once the osseo-integration is complete (which usually takes about a week for these implants), you can return to the clinic to get a permanent crown.

Benefits Immediate-load Dental Implants

  • Only one or two visits to the dental office are usually required. One is not required to take multiple trips to the dental office, which is especially good for dental tourists for whom a second trip for crown placement may not be feasible.
  • Immediate restoration of aesthetics. Since a crown is placed immediately after the implant, you won’t have to bear the embarrassment of having a lost tooth at any time.
  • Decreased healing period means lesser discomfort and lesser chances of resorption of the jaw bone.
  • Time is money, they say. The time you save with quick treatment and lesser number of dental office visits is eventually going to show up in your bank account. Besides, by traveling to Costa Rica for immediately loading dental implants, you stand a chance to make savings of about 50 percent on the US treatment costs.

Typical Itinerary for an Immediate-load Implant Trip to CR

Day1: Arrival

Day 2: First appointment at the clinic

  • The dentist will examine your oral tissues and you will be asked to fill a medical history profile. Dental Clinic in Costa Rica
  • Cleaning, fillings, and root canals may be performed in this visit, as per your dental needs.
  • A treatment plan for restoration with dental implants is made after panoramic x-rays and thorough oral evaluation, and the implants are placed. Crown cutting is also done, should your teeth need crowns or veneers.

Day 3: Second appointment at the clinic

  • Impressions are made and sent to the laboratory for fabrication of crowns. Meanwhile temporary crowns are placed on your teeth and you may now set out to explore Costa Rica

Day 5: Third appointment at the clinic

  • You may be called once to just check if the crowns/bridges being fabricated are the right fit. It is imperative to avoid food lodging, to nicely restore the aesthetics, and for patient comfort.

Day 9: Fourth appointment at the clinic

  • The temporary crowns are removed and permanent crowns are tried on. However, they are not fixed. Once the dentist and the patient are satisfied with the look and fit of the crowns, they will be sent to the laboratory for glazing. This may take around 2 hours during which time you can just stroll around the clinic, watch television or read a magazine.
  • Two hours pass quickly, and your new teeth are ready to be fixed. The dentist will cement them into place and call you the next day.

Day 10: Final appointment

  • You will be called one final time to the clinic to ensure the new implants and crowns are giving no trouble. Any required adjustments to the occlusion can be made at this stage and as soon as you feel fine, you are ready to go.

Immediate-load dental implants in Costa Rica could be your ticket to restore the teeth that have long desired a dentist’s attention but were disregarded for the fear of his big bills.

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