Meniscus Arthroscopic Surgery Mexico

Americans and Canadians suffering from painful meniscal tears are increasingly heading south of the border to be able to get treatment which is beyond their financial means in their own countries. Meniscus arthroscopic surgery in Mexico is an affordable alternative to the highly priced medical treatments in its northern neighbors. Meniscus Arthroscopy Surgery

The meniscus is a C-shaped fibrocartilage that acts as a shockabsorber and also helps avoid friction between the femur and the tibia bones that come together to form the knee joint. Thus, its role is understandably huge in activities like walking, standing, running, etc.

Meniscus tears may develop either as a result of trauma or wear and tear in patients with knee arthritis. Traumatic tears in younger, more athletic patients are also sometimes associated with ACL tears.

Depending on their position on the meniscus, meniscal tears are classified as:

  • Vertical longitudinal tears
  • Transverse or radial tears
  • Horizontal cleavage tears
  • Flap tears

Tears on the outer portion of the meniscus heal faster than those on the inner, as the latter lacks good blood supply.

Meniscal repair surgery is for:

  • People with longitudinal meniscal tears rather than those with degenerative horizontal or flap tears that are not longer than 1-2 cm.
  • Patients who are willing to comply with the knee rehabilitation program post-surgery.

Treatment for a Torn Meniscus

Depending upon the extent of the damage, the doctor will decide whether to repair the disc or remove it. Patients who have high expectations from their knee will benefit more from a repair than a meniscectomy.

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Horizontal and flap tears are not usually amenable to repair, and need to be removed.

Torn meniscus surgery in Mexico is done in a minimally invasive way using an arthroscope. 3-4 mini incisions are made: the arthroscope is inserted through one, fluid is made to flow in the knee joint through one or two inlets, and the other portal is for the surgical instruments. While the operation may just take an hour or so, there is considerable recuperation time involved.

After Meniscus Arthroscopic Surgery in Mexico

Although you will be able to get on your feet the day after your surgery, getting back to work depends on the type of work you do, your cartilage repair surgeon’s recommendations, and how well your knee is recovering.

Most people with sedentary jobs can get back to work in a week’s time or less but it would be good to have help at home for the first week or so.

Meniscus arthroscopic surgery in Mexico is low cost and high quality, thus giving many un-insured people a feasible and effective option. Orthopedic surgeons in Mexico at top tourist hospitals are board-certified and very well experienced. You will not only get affordable medical treatment in Mexico, but will also enjoy individual attention from medical staff.



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