Spine Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video, a leading surgeon talks about spine surgery in India. He also talks about the availability of computer-assisted knee and hip replacement surgery in India.

Video Narration

“The centre works in tandom with neurophysician, neurological group so that we sort of justify all the surgeries, looking at all the alternatives before jumping into surgery. From the range of non-operative to the highly invasive operative surgeries. The whole gamut of surgeries is available in our centre.

From nucleoplasty where we try to shrink the size of the disc using electromagnetic fields to minimal invasive surgeries like minimal invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion or trans pedicular fusions. From there to invasive surgeries like large decompressions, correction of deformities, the entire gamut is what we offer. So in our range we would have a one extreme disc replacements,cervical and lumbar disc replacements are done in large numbers, spinal fusions using either the minimal invasive open technique depending upon the case.

Spine Surgery in IndiaSpecial devices like DM or coflex, then using nucleoplasty like I talked about shrinking the size of the disc, nerve root blocks, facetal blocks etc. the entire range is available.

We do a large number of hip and knee replacements and we also do, what in the knee replacement we do high flex knees, we use ceramic joints. We also now have started using computer aided surgery.

Here what I am talking about is you make the entire jig before the patient actually comes onto the table. So three weeks or four weeks before you get an MRI done of the knee, you get an x-ray, full length x-ray and you send it across to the company and they work on the model using this as baseline and they send you the jig that is required for this particular patient. It is not usable for anyone else so using that one jig you make all your cuts and you complete the entire surgery. So it becomes minimally invasive and it is very patient friendly.

Near about seven to eight thousand knees have been done like this whereas there are about three hundred thousand knees being done in America alone.”

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Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

“Inside the operation theater, computer assisted knee replacement or hip replacement we have been doing for a long time and that has improved our results and reduced the chances of bad alignment and bad post operative movements. So it increases the vein movements, gives comfort to the patient, less cutting of the skin and soft tissues that you have to do.”

Arthroscopic Surgeries

“We do minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder which would include, what is known as a chromeoplasty where you increase the space for the rotator cuff in the shoulder.

You repair the rotator cuff arthroscopically.We have also done shoulder replacement essentially surface replacement procedures, total shoulder replacement and now we have also done what is known as a reverse shoulder.”

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“Now the reverse shoulder is a case where the ball is shifted onto the axial side that is towards the scapular and the socket is on the other side, so this is known as the reverse shoulder replacement. It works very well especially in patients who have very arthritic shoulders associated with other soft tissues damaged around the shoulder.”

Whether you are looking for a spine surgery, weight loss or knee surgery in India, along with the affordable cost and qualified surgeons, your medical trip will allow you enough savings to enjoy the scenic beauty of places there.


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