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Hysterectomy Surgery in India – Surgeon Video

This video shows an expert in hysterecomy surgery in India discussing her education, experience and the procedures she specializes in. This gynecologist from India also talks about the hospital stay required in certain procedures and her foreign clientele. Watch the below video to hear from the surgeon.  Following is the video narration: “Basically specialize in gynae […]

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Penile Implant Surgery in India

This video shows a renowned urologist discussing penile implant surgery in India. Following video talks about his education, experience and the penile implant treatment in brief. In another video of the same surgeon he talks about the various procedures he specializes in, including prostectomy in India. Following is the video narration. “ I have done […]

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CCSVI Liberation Treatment in India – Surgeon Interview

This video shows a talk by a leading neuro-radiologist from India on liberation treatment for CCSVI in MS patients. He also talks about his academic achievements and experience here.     Liberation Therapy for CCSVI – Surgeon’s Interview’s Narration “I am a trained international neuro-radiologist, my 100 percent of practicing now focusing on neuro-vascular procedures. […]

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Cardiac Surgeon in India – Interview

This video shows a leading expert in CABG surgery in India discussing his education and experience. The Indiancardiac surgeon also talks about other cardiac procedures he specializes in – valve repair and replacements, combined valve repairs and coronary artery bypass grafting. You may click here to hear from another cardiac expert  on pacemaker surgery in […]

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Spine Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video, a leading surgeon talks about spine surgery in India. He also talks about the availability of computer-assisted knee and hip replacement surgery in India. Video Narration “The centre works in tandom with neurophysician, neurological group so that we sort of justify all the surgeries, looking at all the alternatives before jumping into surgery. […]

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