Stomach Plication – Mexico Weight Loss Surgeon

This video shows a renowned weight loss surgeon from Mexico explaining stomach plication.

Following is the video narration.

“Gastric plication surgery is a new procedure. It is a restrictive procedure that is becoming popular because we don’t cut stomach so the risk is less. We were part of the first surgeons in Mexico, performed that surgery and we have a lot of experience and I could tell you that it is a good surgery, it is a low risk procedure and it is a procedure that is going to help you to achieve your weight loss..”

Plication surgery involves reducing the stomach volume ultimately decreasing the food intake.  It makes the person feel less hungry and full soon after the ingestion of food. As the stomach plication doesn’t involve cutting and stapling of the stomach, hence it reduces the risk of complications. Click here for more details on gastric plication in Mexico.


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