Tooth Restoration in Algodones, Mexico – Patient Story

The video shows a retired teacher from Phoenix, Arizona praising the Algodones dentist who carried out a complex tooth restoration to redeem the teacher’s smile.

Narration – “She was, you know, professional, efficient. She knows exactly what she is doing because I’m a businessman too. I know what I doing, I’d do it efficient…she were efficient…less than ten minutes. I can feel nothing, no pain. I was surprised it was done, before she told me it was done…”

The Mexican dental tourism is blooming, thanks to its army of expert dentists. Trained in the US, the Mexican dentists are aware of the latest trends emerging in the dentistry. It would not be far-fetched to assume that Mexican dental tourism will outshine other competitive countries in near future. Whether it is the cost advantage of teeth restoration in Mexico or quality of dental services, Mexico dental industry has struck a right balance between quality and cost.

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