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Voice Change Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

Voice change surgery in Bangkok, Thailand is a widely preferred option of those looking forward to transforming completely to the gender of their choice, primarily because of affordability of the voice change procedure together with privacy that hospitals and clinics in Bangkok have to offer.
Voice Change Surgery

Gender change surgery is desired by numerous alternatively-minded people from around the world. They often consider changing their masculine voice to a higher pitch in order to accomplish a complete feminine demeanor. Those who undergo gender reassignment surgery (female-to-male) often do not require voice change therapy or surgery as the testosterone given to them aids in producing a manly voice. Laryngoplasty is also often adopted to cure vocal cord paralysis and to facilitate the production of voice.


Besides dental procedures in the form of getting dentures, crowns, full mouth restorations and dental implants in Thailand, sex reassignment surgeries too attract a number of people from all over the globe to this South East Asian country. Due to the increasing number of transsexuals thronging Thailand and the interest of Thai doctors in the area of gender reassignment, numerous voice changing medical procedures such as medialization laryngoplasty and installation of vocal cord implants are performed in Bangkok and other leading cities of Thailand.

Voice Change Surgery – Method of Implementation

  • Laryngoplasty is one of the most commonly implemented methods for voice change.
  • Laryngoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • In surgery to change voice, the size of the voice box is reduced through removal of its front part.
  • An incision is made parallel to or into a small crack over his Adam’s Apple.
  • The vocal cords are then stretched and a small portion (about one-third) of them is removed, which results in a high-pitched, softer voice.

Study on Voice Change Surgery in Thailand

  • Laryngoplasty in Bangkok has generated a great interest among the country’s specialists. The primary reason for this is the high transsexual population in the country
  • In 2000, a team of Thai surgeons, viz., Kunachak, Prakunhungsit and Sujjalak, reported an innovative and a strongly effective surgical solution for pitch elevation in their paper Thyroid cartilage and vocal fold reduction: a new phonosurgical method for male-to-female transsexuals published in the November 2000 edition of the “Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology.”
  • They described the procedure as the resection (removal) of a central strip of the thyroid cartilage, about 8 mm wide, along with ‘resection’ of the anterior one-third of the vocal cords to reconstruct the anterior commissure.
  • As per the study, thyroid cartilage and vocal fold reduction are highly effective for long term change of voice in the male-to-female transgenders.

Why Opt for Laryngoplasty in Bangkok?

    • Being one of the most alluring medical tourism destinations in the world, Bangkok, Thailand, can be the right place to undergo the voice change surgery. Among the most commonly offered voice changing procedures in Thailand are prosthetic laryngoplasty and vocal cord implants.

Democracy Monument in Thailand

  • Thailand is currently the connoisseur nation for sex-reassignment surgeries.
  • Voice changing surgery and laryngopasty are the widely read and researched subjects by local specialists.
  • Reputable Bangkok hospitals specializing in gender reassignment are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, and are accredited by country’s Ministry of Health.
  • One can choose to undergo anything from injection laryngoplasty to prosthetic laryngoplasty in Bangkok.
  • Another solid reason that makes laryngoplasty in Bangkok a viable option is its cost-effectiveness.
  • Cost of vocal cord implant and injection laryngoplasty in Bangkok can be a fraction of the cost of similar procedures in countries such as the US, Canada and the UK.
  • Australians in particular can cut down their travel time and costs by opting for getting vocal cord implants in Bangkok instead of cities in India or Mexico.
  • Good hospitals in Thailand provide efficient medical services.
  • Traveling to Bangkok for medialization laryngoplasty and other voice surgeries gives one the opportunity for holidaying in an exotic getaway.

Tips for Those Visiting Bangkok for Voice Change Surgery

  • Research carefully the specialization of the institution which you plan to attend, including the expertise of its personnel, the reliability of the technologies they apply and their success rates.
  • Take into consideration all warnings related to the adaptation to a new culture, including security issues, food intolerances, and required vaccinations.
  • Always drink bottled water and avoid eating street food.
  • Make sure you keep all relevant documents with you.

Voice change surgery in Bangkok, Thailand can be an appealing option for the seekers of practical options and alternative ideas. In Bangkok, you will find a plethora of services for your complete transformational needs.

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