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Fixed Dentures in Thailand

According to a research paper published by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health that studied statistics from  2004-2006, those who avoided dental care often did so due to the high cost. Those who avoided regular dental care were reportedly 3.7 times more likely to have needed a tooth extraction. If you’re among these […]

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Voice Change Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

Voice change surgery in Bangkok, Thailand is a widely preferred option of those looking forward to transforming completely to the gender of their choice, primarily because of affordability of the voice change procedure together with privacy that hospitals and clinics in Bangkok have to offer. Gender change surgery is desired by numerous alternatively-minded people from […]

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Why should you get Dental Implants in Thailand?

If you are looking for an affordable replacement for your lost tooth or teeth, you may want to consider dental implants in Thailand. The sophisticated treatments available today allow offer replacements that look and feel almost like natural teeth. The Thailand Advantage: According to a report of Taiwan Institute of Economic research (TIER), Thailand has […]

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Thailand Dental Implant Center – What to look for?

So you have decided on getting dental implants in Thailand and are all set for your trip to South-east Asia. But have you decided which dental implant clinic in Thailand will you go to? You are definitely not going to go looking for clinics AFTER you land in the “Land of Smiles.” To ensure you […]

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