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Thailand Dental Implant Center – What to look for?

So you have decided on getting dental implants in Thailand and are all set for your trip to South-east Asia. But have you decided which dental implant clinic in Thailand will you go to? You are definitely not going to go looking for clinics AFTER you land in the “Land of Smiles.” To ensure you have a safe and satisfying dental trip to Asia, make all arrangements in advance and have your itinerary set before you head off.Dental Implant Center in Thailand

A report on the Australian Dental Association website suggests that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) had indicated a dismal situation with the 2011 statistics. Although most consumers were satisfied with the care they received, many could not even access it due to the lack of funds. More than 25 percent of the people, who needed dental care did not get it at the right time because of the terrifying dental bills, said the report of previous 12 months.

No wonder then, dental tourism is on the upswing and dental clinics in Thailand and other affordable places are being sought after.

What to look for in Thai Dental Clinics?

Now, if you have decided on going to Thailand for your dental implant treatment, you will find a plenty of hospital options to get your surgery. A lot will seem enticing, but do not get duped; here’s a list of things you should look for in a good dental implant center in Thailand: Thailand

  • Clinic Standards: Check for accreditation of the clinic. Has it been awarded any standard certificate from an international body of repute, like the Joint Commission International? Also look for accreditations from Thailand’s local organizations. Sometimes the local has even higher standards than the international.
  • In-house labs: Ask if they have an in-house laboratory. Not only does it indicate a better standard of the clinic, it also helps get your dental prosthesis delivered more quickly and perhaps, with a better fit.
  • Doctors’ Credentials and Experience: Don’t just go by the reputation of the clinic, make sure you know about the dental surgeon who is going to be operating upon you. Look for advanced certification in implantology and the number of years the doctor has been in practice. Longer is the duration of his practice, more will be the number of clients he has treated, and greater will be his experience at implantology.
  • Choice of Dental Implants: A clinic that gives you more options for treatment and choices for dental implants could well be worth going to.
  • Testimonials of Previous Patients: Not all clinics may have these, but it is for you to ask. If they do, and are willing to share some stories of success, you know you are secure with them.
  • Working Hours: Check if your clinic is open all 7 days, and see if their working hours match your convenience.
  • Payment Options: Big hospitals usually accept all major credit cards and you may want to check in advance about this. This will save you the trouble of currency conversion for comparing prices and also make for an easy payment option.
The above are only some of the things you want to check to be able to gauge the general standard of a dental clinic in Thailand. But you must also check if it meets your specific requirements. Find out if they have a doctor who specializes in the treatment you want, if the clinic is located in a good area, and if it is convenient for you to reach.
Interested patients can also get free transport arranged between the airport and the hospital, if they request in advance. For more information, fill-out the estimate request form on the right.