Arm Lift in India

Arm lift in IndiaAging and weight loss are two of the primary reasons why the skin on our arms loses its elasticity and firmness over time, causing it to stretch and sag. Now, you can say goodbye to your flabby arms the affordable way with the help of an arm lift in India. With arm lift cosmetic surgery in India, you can have shapely arms for a fraction of the American prices.

Quick Facts on Arm Lift Surgery

  • A total of 14,998 people had an upper arm lift in the United States in 2011(source: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons).
  • Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess skin in the arms to make it look smooth and firm. In some cases, liposuction is performed first to remove the fat layers.
  • Those who only require minor enhancements can avail of a mini arm lift in India for the same delightfully discounted price of course.
  • The appearance of scars on the inner side of the arms varies from one patient to the other.
  • Those suffering from sweat gland infection must seek treatment first.
  • Women who have previously had radical mastectomy are advised against getting an arm lift as permanent swelling may occur.

Cost of Arm Lift Surgery in India

The Majestic Himalayas in IndiaMany people take advantage of affordable arm lift cost in India, which can be around 50% of the prices of even the simplest cosmetic procedures in high income countries. For years, low cost and high quality plastic surgery in India has been attracting thousands of medical tourists. Each year, India welcomes patients from the US, Australia, the UK and other European countries, Africa and the Middle East, offering them world-class medical and aesthetic treatments that are easy on the pocket. 

We can say the same for some other developing countries in terms of cost effectiveness. Many patients from the US enjoy the low cost of arm lift surgery in Mexico, as well as the additional savings from reduced travel expenses due to the close proximity between the two countries. On a similar note, patients enjoy around 50% of cost savings with brachioplasty in Costa Rica.

Why opt for Brachioplasty in India?

Aside from affordability, medical tourists have many other reasons for choosing arm reduction surgery in India.

  • India boasts of many internationally accredited hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics that offer first class healthcare services, without patients having to worry about high medical expenses. The leading hospitals here have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment of international standards.
  • Those planning to undergo arm lift brachioplasty in India will find many highly competent and internationally certified cosmetic surgeons to choose from. Quite a few of the renowned plastic surgeons in India have been educated and trained at reputable institutions abroad.
  • Communication won’t be an issue for overseas patients since most of the Indian doctors speak good English.
  • Overseas patients do not have to worry about being a part of long waiting lists to get an appointment with a doctor in India. Plastic surgeries in India can be scheduled conveniently, which is very unlikely in developed countries such the UK, Canada and the US.
  • Tourism in India has become a booming industry, thanks to the beautiful and diverse travel destinations here. Tourists from all over the world are also fascinated with India’s rich cultural heritage and religious beliefs, which are manifested in its breathtaking architectural treasures. So your medical trip for arm lift surgery in India can double as a relaxing vacation too.

Trip for Arm Lift in India – Travel Dos and Don’ts

Those getting an arm lift in India can look forward to a fun and hassle-free visit by following these basic reminders:

  • Remove your footwear before entering temples and other religious places to show respect.
  • Never buy food from street vendors or drink tap water. Always dine in clean restaurants and drink bottled water.
  • Women are advised to dress modestly and avoid clothes that are too revealing. Protect yourself from pickpockets in crowded places. It’s best to leave your valuable belongings in your hotel room.

Getting an arm lift will give a renewed self-confidence and sense of self-appreciation. But before that can be achieved, one has to make all the necessary preparations and precautions for a safe trip and a successful arm lift in India.

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