Bunion Surgery Mexico

Bunion surgery in Mexico is only a fraction of its price in the US and is especially helpful for Americans who have to put up with bone deformities because they cannot afford the surgery in their local healthcare systems. Cost of Bunion Surgery in Mexico

Bunionectomy in Mexico is performed by board-certified orthopedic surgeons in our network. Personalized care and English-speaking medical staff are always available at the top hospitals in Mexico, so you can lay your concerns to rest.

We know, there will always be some anxiety about visiting a surgeon in a foreign country, you can ease yourself by discussing the details with the doctor and asking him everything you want to know about bunion surgery and Mexico. Testimonials from previous patients are also great assurance.

About Bunion Surgery

Bunions (also known as Hallux Valgus) are bone deformities that can only be corrected with surgical intervention. They may or may not be painful, but may grow bigger in size, with time. Bunions are not known to regress without surgery but not everyone with bunions needs to go under the knife. The surgery may not be required if the bone deformity is not causing you pain, discomfort, or making it difficult for you to do what you need to or want to do.

The bunion correction procedure depends on the type of deformity; whether it’s a repeat bunion, the age of the patient and other conditions that the patient may have, like arthritis. Hence, there are various types of bunionectomies like Austin, Reverdin-Green, Kalish-Austin etc., named after surgeons who specialized on a particular ‘bone cut.’

The bone that is jutting out is sawed and re-aligned. In some types of bunion surgery, screws and plates are used to hold the surface together until healing is complete. Puerto Vallarta Tourism


After Bunionectomy in Mexico

Although bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure (that is, usually no stay at the hospital is required), it will take considerable time for the bone joint to completely heal.

You will not be able to wear a shoe for at least 2-3 months, which is the time required for the bone to heal. It is recommended that you follow the routine of physiotherapy, which will help you get on your feet faster.

Consult your Mexican foot surgeon to find out when you can get back to work and routine activity.

Cost of Bunion Surgery in Mexico

Hallux Valgus surgery in Mexico saves you about 40-50% of what you would ordinarily spend in the US or Canada. And they come with no waiting lines, too.

Insurance usually covers bunion surgeries but if you are not insured or under-insured or for some reason your insurance plan doesn’t cover it, you could be paying a hefty sum out of your own pocket. Hence, low cost bunion surgery in Mexico makes sense in more ways than one.
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