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Knee Replacement in Mexico

American and Canadian medical tourists are largely opting for knee replacement in Mexico. Because of Mexico’s proximity to these North American countries, it can boast of numerous excellent Mexican doctors who were trained (and even currently practice) in the US. Its internationally-accredited hospitals house facilities that can easily rival those of its neighbours. Apart from […]

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Hip Replacement in Mexico

Many North Americans with severe damages in their hips get hip replacement in Mexico to fix their orthopaedic difficulties. The low cost and short travel are easily the top two reasons why medical tourists are heading to Mexico for orthopedic procedures like partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, etc.   What is Hip Replacement […]

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Bunion Surgery Mexico

Bunion surgery in Mexico is only a fraction of its price in the US and is especially helpful for Americans who have to put up with bone deformities because they cannot afford the surgery in their local healthcare systems.  Bunionectomy in Mexico is performed by board-certified orthopedic surgeons in our network. Personalized care and English-speaking […]

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