Diabetes Surgery in Costa Rica

For the millions of Americans who lack health insurance, surgical treatment for diabetes can be prohibitively expensive. It is for this Diabetes Surgery in Costa Rica reason that more and more Americans are turning to diabetes surgery in Costa Rica and other Latin American destinations. Bariatric surgery in Costa Rica represents significant savings over similar procedures in the US and can be an effective treatment option for Americans with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.

Treatment Options for Diabetes

To manage Type 2 diabetes, many are turning to bariatric (also called metabolic) procedures such as gastric bypass. Bariatric surgeries not only help obese patients lose weight, but also stop the disease in its tracks. According to an article by Meredith Cohn published in the Baltimore Sun on September 19, 2012, recent studies have shown that gastric bypass surgery “cures diabetes in about 78 percent of patients.”

A study by AD Strader and colleagues published in the Jan 2009 issue of the journal Obesity Surgery showed that ileal interposition surgery in rats improved glucose tolerance without causing weight loss. Ileal transposition may be useful for non-obese diabetics. Any of the qualified doctors who specialize in metabolic surgery for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica will be able to advise if this is a viable option for your condition.

Patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes also have surgical options for treatment. The American Diabetes Association advises that a pancreas transplant may be beneficial for certain patients with the disease.

About Type 2 Diabetes Surgery in Costa Rica

A Towering Volcano in Costa RicaThe popularity of bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica is largely due to the significantly lower cost of the procedure. If you lack health insurance, or are facing high co-pay, traveling abroad for a self-pay gastric bypass may be your best option to get the treatment you need without breaking the bank.

People considering travel for diabetes bariatric surgery in Costa Rica will be happy to know that the country is well known for its advanced health care system, which was actually ranked ahead of the United States in terms of overall efficiency by the World Health Organization.

About Costa Rica

Widely considered to be the most stable and tourist-friendly country in Central America, Costa Rica has been a popular travel destination for years. Here are some important things to consider as you plan your trip for gastrointestinal surgery treatment for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica:

  • Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, is the country’s largest city and hosts its most widely used international airport.
  • San Jose is also home to many sophisticated clinics and hospitals specializing in bariatric surgery. Be aware, however, that most tourist attractions are located outside the capital.
  • Spanish is the official language, though many Costa Ricans working in the tourist industry will speak at least some English as well.
  • Costa Rica is in the Central Standard Time zone, one hour behind the East Coast. The country does not observe daylight savings time.
  • Costa Rica is home to many different biomes, including rainforests and mountainous areas, and as such, temperatures can vary widely. Be sure to pack accordingly.

Things to Do in Costa Rica

While your preparation for, and recovery from diabetes bypass surgery in Costa Rica may limit the types of activities you can participate in, there’s still a lot to enjoy in this popular tourist destination. Here are some popular options:

  • Relax on the beach. The white-sand beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park and the Nicoya Peninsula are world renowned and perfect places to spend a quiet afternoon.
  • Try the local coffee. Costa Rica grows some of the finest coffee in the world — try some of it at the source in Monteverde, a charming village nestled high in the cloud forest.
  • Take a Spanish class, of course before your surgery. You’re getting a renewed lease on life; why not take advantage of it by learning something new? Languages schools can be found in most tourists centers, and are a great way to meet new people.

Whether or not you take advantage of the country’s many tourist attractions, travel for diabetes surgery in Costa Rica can be a life-changing experience. Be sure to talk to your doctor before deciding if surgery is the way to go.


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