Balloon Angioplasty in India – Surgeon Interview

This video shows an expert in balloon angioplasty in India discussing his education, education, procedures he specializes in and the hospital facilities. The Indian cardiac surgeon did his training from the University of Alabama, the US, and also has a US patent for device used in carotid angioplasty.

He specializes in renal angioplasty, carotid artery angioplasty, coronary angioplasty, angioplasty for leg arteries, hand arteries and main aorta.


Following is the video narration.

“I had an opportunity to work in US at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This was in the department of interventional cardiology. The UAB program was one of the top leading programs in cardiology and cardiac sciences because they had the best cardiac surgery team at that time in US and as well as the interventional cardiology. There were number of techniques which were launched while I was present over there including angioplasty.”
“As an interventional cardiologist, I am performing angioplasties not only of the heart because initially cardiologists were only talking about angioplasty to the heart, putting a stent till coming out.” Angioplasty

“But I also do interventional procedures involving important arteries to different parts of the body like the carotid arteries which are supplying use for strokes.”
“So I have a special expertise in angioplasty and stenting of the carotid arteries. In fact I also have a US patent of one of the devices which is used to do carotid angioplasty. This device is used regularly for this procedure.””I also do angioplasty of the leg arteries, of the kidney arteries, of the hand arteries and also the main aorta where at times you have narrowing’s and at times we have aneurysms.”

“So these are aneurysms which are ready to rupture so we put covered stents in them and this is done without doing a surgery percutaneously we put covered stents in arteries.”

“So all these areas are of interest to me and I have done lots of, large number of thesis in these areas. Apart from this we also are performing procedures on the valves of the heart – percutaneous valve dilatations and percutaneous closure of defects in the heart and if there are leakages in surgical valves, then we go and plug those leakages percutaneously without having to do surgery. So this is a wide variety of specialization which interests me and I enjoy doing all these.”

“Infrastructure in our hospital is state-of-the-art. We have the best OT’s in the country. They are modular OT’s and 9 surgical OT’s available in number and they are all very busy. Everyday at least 2 or 3 surgeries, major surgeries, are done in each OT. So we are looking at large number of surgeries which are been done over here.”
Taj Mahal  - Agra, India

“We do more than 400 cardiac surgeries in an year, in this center which is one of the largest center in the world. And along with that we are also doing several thousand angiographies which is ……we are doing around 50 angiographies in the … labs everyday.”

“All the latest technology like  electrophysiology we have the …systems and we have all kind of mapping systems for the electrophysiologist, large number of devices – combo devices, ICD’s and CRT devices  and apart from that the interventional cardiologist are using all the tools required rotational atherectomies and intravascular ultrasounds and Doppler flow wires and whatever you can name it, all those technologies are available over here and they are being used on a routine basis for most of our patients.”

Due to an affordable cost of heart surgery in India , state-of-the-art hospitals, highly skilled surgeons, no waiting queues and quality post operative care – it has become the choice of a number of medical tourists across the globe.



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