Cardiac Surgeon in India – Interview

This video shows a leading expert in CABG surgery in India discussing his education and experience. The Indiancardiac surgeon also talks about other cardiac procedures he specializes in – valve repair and replacements, combined valve repairs and coronary artery bypass grafting.

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 Video Narration – Cardiac Surgeon in India

“I did my basic medical training from Lucknow in K G medical college; it’s one of the oldest medical schools in India – King George’s Medical College. So I did my graduation, post graduation and then specialization from there. I went to UK and I was a consultant there in King’s College hospital which is again one of the oldest, largest hospitals in UK. Stayed there for about four years but wanted to come back.

I do all kinds of adult cardiac surgical procedures which basically includes coronary artery, bypass grafting, valve repair and replacements, combined procedures – combined valve repairs, replacements along with coronary artery bypass grafting.

So basically all kinds of adult cardiac surgery but in addition to that I do lot of what is known as aortic surgery and the vascular surgery.”

Aortic Heart Surgery in India

“Aortic surgery is basically, aortic repair and the replacement of the ascending aorta. For very complicated pathologies like aortic dissections and aortic aneurysms, the surgery is considered one of the most challenging parts of cardiac surgery and very few surgeons in fact in the country and outside do this kind of surgery. And I developed interest in this particular surgery when I was in UK because we were getting lots of these patients of aortic aneurysms and dissections.

Human HeartSo in addition to the normal cardiac surgery, which I mentioned I do aortic surgery and in addition I also do major vascular surgery which is the aortobifemoral grafts, femoropopliteal grafts and various kinds of peripheral bypasses.

The technology has always been as anywhere in the world which obviously is upgraded as and when required. Whatever is available anywhere, we ……. And use this technology. For example, e started laser surgery which was at one time called Transmyocardial laser revascularization so TLMR. Over a period of time there was not much benefit using this technology so this slowly stopped.”

Beating Heart Surgery

“We started, what is known as, minimally invasive cardiac surgery including beating heart surgery. Beating heart surgery is a technique where we perform coronary artery bypass grafting without heart lung machine. The standard cardiac surgery is performed with the heart lung machine. In beating heart surgery we don’t use heart lung machine.

Red Fort - New Delhi, India

It is performed without heart lung machine and the advantage is that all the unphysiological effects or all the side effects of heart lung machine, they are avoided. It basically means that the risk of surgery is less, recovery is faster and also it is less costly in comparison to the standard surgery. So we are one of the pioneers in beating heart surgery. In fact one of the largest publications of beating heart surgery is from our institute.

So we started laser surgery, we started beating heart surgery, we started minimally invasive cardiac surgery. We also do, what is known as port access cardiac surgery.

Port access is again one of the techniques of minimally invasive cardiac surgery and in this technique we can perform, the heart valve repairs, heart valve replacements……………. By a small incision in the heart, rather than making a full incision in the front, a small incision is made of three to four inches on the site, and that’s called port access surgery.

We also started robotic heart surgery in 2002 and we used it for many years. We stopped it recently as we are upgrading the technology and planning to restart robotic cardiac surgery again.

Basically we get patients from the Asian countries which basically mean that we get a large number of patients from Bangladesh, from Pakistan, from Iraq, lot of patients from Middle East. I have operated few patients from US as well.”

With affordable surgeries, internationally trained surgeons and state-of-the-art hospitals, India is seeing a rise in medical tourists from across the globe.  Other than heart surgery in India, procedures like weight loss surgery, plastic and cosmetic procedures are offered at much lower prices than its western counterparts.


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