Knee Replacement Surgery in India

This video shows a leading surgeon discussing knee replacement surgery in India. He also shares his professional education and experience.

Watch this video of the orthopedic surgeon in India .

Following is the video narration.

“I have basically done my education graduation and post graduation from University of Delhi and my fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and done my fellowship in sports medicine from Australia. I have had the privilege of presenting my work at various international and national forums. I presented twice at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons at Florida. I presented number of times at the British Orthopedic Institution meetings and at the meetings of Irish Orthopedic institution, where I was working.”

“In India, I have presented fairly extensively at the Indian Orthopedic Association meetings as well as meetings of the Indian Arthroscopy Society. We are also fairly active in the academic circles which happened in and around the national capital region of Delhi. I have publications in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery as well as in Journal of Injury and newest publication in the Indian Orthopedic Association Journal as well as journals in the Delhi Orthopedic and Trauma Journal.”

“These articles primarily pertain to trauma, joint replacements and to sports medicine. Major procedures which I do can be classified basically into three types.”

Knee Surgery


“I do a lot of adult joint reconstruction which involves primary and secondary reconstructive procedures such as joint replacement, hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, ankle replacements and re-do surgeries. So if people have had these surgeries in the past and they have failed for whatsoever reasons, we have expertise in trying to re-do these surgeries and bring about a difference.”

Sports Medicine

“The second class of surgeries which I do pertain to sports medicine. I do a fair amount of endoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries which involves surgery for cartilage, meniscus, instability, ligament reconstructions. These primarily are around knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow.”

Bone Deformities Management

“Third area of specialization which I participate in is in areas of periarticular fractures and their sequel. So if you have fractures which are in the vicinity of your hip, your knee, your ankle, shoulder which have been treated in the past are giving you trouble now or you have deformities which have been created as a result of these fractures, we do a special clinic for deformity management. So these are three primary areas where I am working.”

Medical Tourism in India

“I have been in practice in Delhi for the last about 10 years and in these 10 years we have seen gradual increase in the total number of outstation patient attendance we have.” Jantar Mantar - Delhi, India

 “We have patients which have come in from the Middle-East countries such as Iraq, Oman and from South Arabia. We have patients who come in from neighboring countries such as from Sri Lanka, from Afghanistan as well as from Bangladesh.”

“Then we have patients who come in from the African states – from Nigeria, from Congo, from Jabooty, the President of Burundi was here with us as a patient recently. We also get fair number of patients from the United States. These patients primarily are for spine surgery which other members of my team do and for joint replacements. These numbers I am happy to report, have been increasing in the recent past.”

“We also have very unique system of discussing our patients where what we do is – we have a meeting every morning where every patient is laid threadbare as technical discussions so at any given time the patient gets treatment. Also, it’s a democratic group where everybody’s opinion is equally important.”

“During surgery, two senior consultants along with the juniors operate upon the patient.  That also helps the patient get the most.  All our joint reconstructions are done using computer assisted navigation which is again a first in our city. It’s not that we are the only people doing it but we are the people who do it ….in all the cases. It is used blacketed in all the cases.”

As discussed by the surgeon here, his specialization includes revision hip replacement surgery, revision knee replacement surgery, and other orthopedic re-do surgeries.


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