Trip to Mexico for Dental Work – Testimonial

The video shows Alberta, Canada resident providing the details of his trip to Mexico for dental work.

Mexico has become favorite among Americans and Canadians for dental work. Main reason accounts to the low cost of procedures like dentures, veneers, and dental implants in Mexico. Apart from the low cost, Mexico’s proximity to the US makes it easy to find Mexican dentists either trained or studied in the US.

The travel expenses like hotel and food are very cheap, allowing huge savings, offering a chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday at the country’s exotic locations, making the medical trip to Mexico a complete holiday.

Watch the following video where the Alberta resident shares his itinerary of the dental trip to Mexico.

Narration – “We flew, we drove to Red Deer, from Red Deer to Calgary which is about ninety miles. We flew from Calgary to Phoenix and then caught a plane to Yuma and stayed overnight at Yuma because the border was closed. Caught a Taxi in the morning, went to the border, and called hotel and picked us up and we rocked.”

Los Algodones, Mexioc is picking up the heat as it attracts droves of dental tourists from all over the US and Canada. International patients at Algodones dental clinic are made to feel at home with customized services. Other popular dental vacation hot spots in Mexico are Tijuana and Cancun offering an easy access from the US soil. One of the biggest advantages of dental restoration abroad is the cost advantage of teeth restoration in Mexico.

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