Dental Care in Los Algodones – Testimonial

This video shows a Virginia resident speaking about her dental care in Los Algodones.

Dental work like cosmetic dentistry in Algodones is offered at a much affordable cost than the west. Cheap treatment cost doesn’t imply that quality is compromised. Many dentists in Algodones have international certifications, trainings and are members of globally acclaimed dental bodies.

Hear from Virginia about her dental trip to Mexico in the following video.

Narration – “Hotel was booked for us prior, even prior to me making up my mind, because it was said, you might want to go there because what if, you know it’s full and you know. So she booked it already, no moneys were exchanged, no credit cards, no nothing, made me feel really really good. And that was another thing, you know, we could pay…which if things would go wrong, you just let…take over and you know, you don’t have to pay.

And…hotel was booked. We checked the hotel out, online, you know and that was fine. So, then we got the date set, it was it was April and then I decided that my husband who needed Laser work done, he should come with me and get the Laser cleaning done as well while I was doing this. We set that appointment up as well.

And so then we flew from Virginia to Yuma, got a Taxi and exactly after it was said, phone at the border and a white van will pick you up, my children were joking, and white van will pick you up and never to be seen again, you know. No, the white van came, the man was very friendly, went to the hotel, everything was great, you know. And they really, we were so tired, and they wanted to cook for us. And we said, ‘no, no, no, we won’t go to bed, you know,’ ‘so, oh no what can we do?’

They made us Margarita to go to bed with. So, the following day we ended up here, that’s another thing, which I must say is wonderful. If you wanted groceries, they’d drive you, if you wanted water or anything that you wanted, they drive you, it doesn’t matter when you want it, they drive you there. And there’s never ever, and they are teaching me Spanish, so what more do I want.”

Besides cost advantage of teeth restoration in Mexico, the quality of dental services in Mexico – especially in the cities of Algodones, Cancun, and Tijuana – is at par with what is available in the US.


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