Facelift in Costa Rica

facelift-in-costa-rica1If you thought only film stars or celebrities could afford facelifts for a rejuvenated look, then you are wrong! You can actually avail easy-on-the-pocket facelift in Costa Rica. This cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica would cost you only about a fifth of what you might otherwise have to shell out on the procedure in the US or for that matter any of the other First World countries.

Though one also has the option of undergoing affordable plastic surgery in India or Thailand, if you happen to be in the States or Canada, this could mean bearing with long flights. Costa Rica’s geographical propinquity results in saving both travel costs and time.

Facelift Explained

  • Facelift or rhytidectomy is a procedure that helps reshape and restore the face.
  • Potential candidates for a facelift are those with sagging facial skin jowls or loose skin on the neck.
  • Facial implants, meant to enhance certain features of a person’s face, including cheeks or jaw line, are also a popular way of regaining a youthful appearance.

Despite their extortionate costs, facelifts are finding a number of takers in the US. As per the America Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Report of the 2010 Plastic Surgery Statistics, nearly 112,955 facelift procedures were performed in the US in that year.

Rising Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is inching towards becoming a medical tourism behemoth. And the reason is quite obvious – the reputable medical facilities in the country provide you the best bang for your buck.
  • According to the Council for the Promotion of Medicine in Costa Rica (PROMED), the country received about 25,000 medical tourists in 2008.
  • Majority of the overseas patients (approximately 36% of them according to PROMED) opt for dental work such as getting dental crowns and dental implants in Costa Rica. One can also find specialists for full mouth restoration in Costa Rica.
  • One also has the option of undergoing affordable plastic surgery after weight loss in Costa Rica. Excessive weight loss often entails surgical removal of the redundant skin left behind after shedding oodles of extra pounds.

Advantages of Undergoing Facelift in Costa Rica

  • Plastic surgery is not usually covered by medical insurance companies and patients have to bear the cost entirely on their own. In Costa Rica, cost of facelift surgery can be up to 65% lower!Volcanic Smoke
  • Even with travel and accommodation costs included, the cost of rhytidectomy in Costa Rica would still be lower than in a First World country.
  • Costa Rica is easily accessible from the US as well as Canada, with frequent flights connecting the major cities in those countries.
  • Costa Rica is home to many state-of-the-art private medical centers. The country also houses Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited and ISO-certified medical facilities.
  • One can expect to find highly competent plastic surgeons for their facelift in Costa Rica. PROMED reports that almost 80% of the doctors in Costa Rica have received their education either in the US or Europe.
  • Costa Rica offers various procedures – from tummy tucks to face lifts and liposuction to breast augmentation. One could consider a facelift along with affordable weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery. Those desirous of a shorter recovery time can opt for mini facelift procedure in Costa Rica.
  • Though Spanish is the language of the masses, most of the medical professionals in the leading hospitals of Costa Rica are fluent in English.

Vacation Combined with Rhytidectomy Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

  • With so much to explore in the country, patients can enjoy a vacation prior to their facelift in Costa Rica.
  • Various Costa Rican centers and resorts offer recovery options where tourists can recuperate in a breathtaking environment surrounded by verdant mountains.
  • Costa Rica’s active volcanoes, beautiful tropical beaches, scintillating culture and pleasant climate make it a top travel choice among tourists.

Affordable facelift in Costa Rica can be a financially practicable option for you if the extortionate cost of the procedure in your home country has been a big hurdle in your way to getting back a youthful you.

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