Finding an Expert Orthopedic Surgeon in India, Costa Rica or Mexico

According to an MSN report by Pauline Frommer, over 600,000 medical tourists from the United States alone travel overseas each year for medical treatments. A large number of them avail the services of orthopedic surgeons in India, Costa Rica and Mexico to undergo surgeries of the knee, hip, and shoulders.Many elderly people with chronic problems, such as hip or knee osteoarthritis, need surgery to get back their quality of life. However, they cannot afford the cost of private treatment in their own country and opt to visit hospital overseas where the cost is substantially lower. This article focuses on the factors you should consider when looking for an expert orthopedic surgeon to undergo procedures such as knee replacement or hip resurfacing in Mexico, India, or Costa Rica. orthopedic-surgeon

Why Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexico, India or Costa Rica?

  • High cost in the USA and long waiting times in the UK and Canada are the primary reasons that drive patients to the principal medical tourism destinations for orthopedic surgery.
  • While the cost of a total knee or hip replacement in the USA can be beyond the financial means of many, the same surgery in India, Mexico and other leading medical tourism destinations is only a fraction of the American prices. Other orthopedic procedures too such as bunion repair and knee ligament surgery in Mexicali, Delhi, Cancun, Bangalore and San Jose cost substantially lower than the prices charged for them in the developed countries of the West.
  • But low cost is not only advantage that the medical tourism destinations offer. Skilled surgeons, high quality of medical services, and clean hospitals are some of the other attractive features that make India, Mexico and Costa Rica viable destinations for medical tourists. India and Mexico boast of an impressive pool of US and UK returned, board certified orthopedic surgeons.

Tips on Choosing Orthopedic Surgeon Abroad

When looking for an expert orthopedic surgeon for your treatment such as hip or knee replacements, and meniscus or ACL ligament repair in Tijuana, Cancun, Delhi or Mumbai, you should consider the following factors:

  • Credentials of the orthopedic surgeon: The surgeon should have a formal degree in orthopedics. The surgeon should have undergone specialized training in hip, knee, and shoulder replacement. Ideally, the orthopedic surgeon should have trained at a reputed hospital in the USA, the UK, or any other developed country. The presence of an international qualification, such as Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in orthopedics from the UK, in the surgeon’s resume confirms that the doctor is considered suitable for practicing as a surgeon in the country that issued the qualification.
  • Surgical and teaching experience: Verify that the surgeon has at least five to 10 years of surgical experience. Find out about the success rate of the surgeon for the specific surgery that you require. In addition, check whether the orthopedic surgeon has academic affiliations or serves as surgery faculty in a medical college. Such affiliations indicate that the orthopedic surgeon is considered an expert and is invited to teach surgeons undergoing training.
  • Past track record: Take feedback from existing patients of the orthopedic surgeon. You will be able to find patient testimonials on the website of the surgeon or the associated hospital. Prefer orthopedic surgeons who already have experience in handling international patients. If previous international patients are satisfied with the surgeon, you can go ahead with your travel and surgery plans.
  • Knowledge of English: Check that your surgeon speaks and understands English. This is important so that you can communicate clearly with your surgeon and understand his or her instructions on postoperative care. As English is widely spoken in India, getting an expert orthopedic surgeon who speaks English should not be a problem.

India, Costa Rica and Mexico abound in orthopedic surgeons that will meet these criteria.

Also, keep in mind that there is nothing like a perfect doctor or surgeon. Don’t let your mind get clouded by asking too many people and considering too many criteria. Look for someone who is experienced, meets the important things you are looking for and you feel comfortable working with.


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