Instant Dentures in India

With instant dentures in India, you can have a full smile again at a fraction of the cost. If missing teeth are causing you embarrassment Denture Installation in Progress or otherwise compromising your quality of life, same-day treatment in a dental tourism destination such as India is a quick and easy way to get the dental care you need without breaking the bank.

The cost of procedures such as same day dentures and dental implants in India is considerably less than in the UK and Australia, and many people are taking advantage of these savings to get the treatment they couldn’t otherwise afford at home.

What are Instant Dentures?

Instant dentures are a great solution to missing or damaged teeth that can be had in a single visit.The process involves extracting the teeth and constructing a lifelike prosthetic in an on-site lab. The prosthetic is then inserted into the mouth and allowed to heal over. Some patients find that because instant dentures result in less blood loss than other forms of oral surgery, recovery from the procedure is shorter and less painful.

Why Travel for Immediate Dentures in India?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “the oral health status of Australia’s adults ranks second-worst in the OECD group of wealth nations.” Many of these adults want to improve their oral health, but lack the resources to visit a costly domestic clinic. Low-priced dentures in a day in India are attractive not only because of the savings on the procedure itself but also because of the shorter stay required for completion.

Of course, not everyone with teeth problems requires a full set of dentures. Patients who only need one or two teeth replaced can take advantage of similarly low prices on immediate load dental implants in India.

Cost of Same Day Dentures

Hospital for Instant Dentures in IndiaIn general, dental procedures in India cost 50-75% less than in more developed countries. The following article gives a comparison of cost of same day denture implants in India, the UK and the USA. Patients who travel for instant dentures in India can expect similar savings.

The biggest factor impacting the cost of same day dentures in India is the country’s cheaper cost of living. Many patients who travel for oral surgery abroad worry that the quality of care they receive will be lower than in their home country. Dental clinics and hospitals, particularly those catering to medical tourists, are of comparable quality to those in the US, the UK and Australia. Many even have JCI and other international accreditations.

Where to Go for Dentures in an Hour in India?

As the world’s second-most populous country, India has many options for dental tourists. Some of the most popular are:

  • Mumbai: As the country’s largest city and commercial center, Mumbai is home to several world class dental clinics. Visitors can take in a Bollywood film or stroll along the city’s historic waterfront as they recover from their procedure.
  • Delhi: As the country’s capital, Delhi has a thriving middle class of public servants which ensures many easy-on-the-pocket options for quality dental care. Some of Delhi’s most popular attractions include the famous Old City, with its bustling markets and historic architecture.
  • Bangalore: A high tech hub in the Karnataka province, Bangalore’s highly educated populace and many universities and hospitals make it an excellent choice for dental tourism.

With a TechNavio report forecasting that the market for dental implants will “reach US$101.2 million by 2014,” there’s no shortage of options for receiving artificial teeth in India in a day.Where you go ultimately comes down to finding a dentist you feel comfortable working with. There are many resources online to help you, such as the following video where a surgeon specializing in permanent dentures and teeth implants in India discusses his education and experience.

Don’t let missing or damaged teeth keep you from smiling any longer! By traveling for instant dentures in India, you can take advantage of low cost oral surgery in a clean and reputable environment. As an added bonus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience one of the world’s most unusual tourist destinations.

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