Medical Trip to Cancun and Tourists’ Safety – Bariatric Surgeon

In this video a leading bariatric surgeon discusses about medical trip to Cancun and tourists’ safety. Cancun is possibly the safest city in Mexico with no travel warnings by U.S. state department. Crime is almost non-existent here. However, it is advised to medical tourists to Cancun or elsewhere in Mexico that they obey social and cultural mores of the region they’re visiting. There are some basic tenets for tourist’s safety that apply in Cancun, like anywhere else in the world such as, remaining as discreet as possible and gelling with the local  populace and keeping your passports safe at all times.

Following is the video narration.

“Cancun, it’s a new city. Even though it’s worldwide famous, the state of Quintana Roo, Cancun, it’s a state….it’s been around 36 years. Cancun is a new city. It’s on the Caribbean, beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, they always talk about the hurricanes. We don’t get a hurricane more than one every ten years and they always know when it’s going to hit so there is no risk for the patients. It’s safe.

There are no ….there are no murders and it’s similar to places like Miami or any nice beach around the world…..and it has direct flights to most of the important cities in the United States and even Europe. So you don’t need to connect flights, in-between you can travel directly from New York to Cancun, Chicago to Cancun, Vancouver to Cancun, and Toronto to Cancun.

Most of the airlines have direct flights to Cancun. Another advantage of Cancun is that you don’t need to wait in line to cross the border for two or three hours because you are right directed to Cancun and they will take you to your hotel, your hotel to the hospital and back.”

Travelling to Cancun for treatment has become a lot easier with the availability of frequent connecting flights from US, Canada, Europe and other countries. Whether someone is looking for quality dental treatment in Mexico or plastic surgery, Cancun offers it all at much affordable cost than US or Canada.

With the availability of low cost surgeries, internationally trained surgeons, top-notch hospitals and scenic tourist locations, it becomes an attractive package for the tourists to plan a medical holiday in Cancun. Unlike other crime-infested notorious states of Mexico such as Ciudad Juarez, Cancun enjoys quietude which is unrivaled across Mexico. Nature has been especially kind to Cancun by blessing it with spectacular spaces that behold the eye. It is worth mentioning that many a patients have reportedly healed a lot quicker in places where mother nature is quite benevolent.

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