Multiple Sclerosis Liberation Treatment in India

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Here’s a solution. Instead of being distressed over the pricey medical quotes in your country, why not consider a chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency or CCSVI MS treatment in India? Symptoms of Multiple SclerosisThe medical management systems in this country are beyond compare and this is why more and more patients from the US, Canada and in fact all over the world are taking medical trips ┬áto India. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society approximately 400,000 Americans suffer from MS.

Those who cannot afford treatments of such diseases would be relieved to know that CCSVI treatment cost in India is much cheaper, and will also give you the opportunity to explore the myriad faces of this culturally rich Asian tourist destination.

Multiple Sclerosis and the Zamboni Procedure

  • MS or “disseminated sclerosis” is a neurodegenerative, inflammatory disorder which attacks the central nervous system(CNS), causing failure in communication between the nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain.
  • The nerve fibers of the CNS are protected by a fatty sheath called myelin, which is destroyed in the condition of MS, resulting in a faulty nervous system.
  • CCSVI, a venous blood flow altering condition, is supposed to play a crucial role in causing MS and this theory was first put forward by Paolo Zamboni in 2008.
  • He explained that balloon angioplasty can unblock the veins and normalize the blood flow to the brain. The MS curative theories and alternatives established by him are commonly called the Zamboni Procedure.
  • This treatment for CCSVI Surgery is also called the Liberation Procedure.
  • After your operation of CCSVI in India, you’d have to stay in the hospital for at least 5 days after the operation.

Why Get a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in India?

  • The Zamboni liberation procedure for MS is a recently developed invasive procedure and is still under research. It is not yet available in many countries.
  • Neurologists and surgeons who perform CCSVI treatment in India can offer free quotes for disseminated sclerosis patients.
  • Pocket-friendly packages and a multidisciplinary take on the issues are just few of the many advantages you may want to appreciate. MS Brain Spinal Cord Nerves
  • If you are planning to undergo liberation treatment for multiple sclerosis in India, you need not wait in long queues as treatment here is available immediately.
  • Communication should not be a major problem since majority of Indians can more or less speak and understand English.
  • We work with JCI-accredited hospitals that strive to meet high medical standards.
  • Patients of MS liberation treatment in India receive detailed pre and post-surgical guidance so there’s no chance of getting lost in confusion even during the recovery period.

The low cost of treatment for multiple sclerosis and the luxury of getting treated by highly experienced surgeons, draws patients from all parts of the world to this Asian country.

Considering MS Treatment in India? Some Tips:

  • Make a detailed research on the medical institutions and the CCSVI treatment surgeon in India that you want to consult.
  • Read through testimonials of some trustworthy patients.
  • Keep some ready cash in Indian currency for shops and local transport.
  • Keep a check on local weather and carry loose cotton clothes.
  • Hindi is India’s national language so carry a note of some common Hindi terms.

CCSVI Liberation Treatment in India could be an easy and affordable solution to the daunting disease of Multiple Sclerosis.


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