Presbyopia Surgery Turkey

Presbyopia surgery in Turkey can be sought by those who want to regain their clear vision at a lower price without cutting corners on quality. Eye surgeries in India and other medical tourism destinations have traditionally attracted presbyopia patients. But as Turkey makes its name in the global medical tourism arena, more and more overseas patients are flying to the country for getting treated.

Presbyopia is an age-dependent condition in which the eye diminishes its ability to focus on near objects. It usually materializes at an Presbyopia Surgery in Turkey age of 40-45 years. Conductive keratoplasty and laser surgery for presbyopia in Turkey are some of the treatments available for correcting the condition.

Ways to Treat Presbyopia

Wearing corrective lenses is one way to treat presbyopia. Intraocular lenses, which are artificial lenses placed in the eye to correct vision and focusing errors, are another non-surgical option to treat presbyopia. One can choose to get affordable intraocular lenses in Turkey.

If you want to regain your clear vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses, there are a host of eye surgeries for presbyopia in Turkey. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK surgery corrects vision by reshaping the corneas using laser. Even though it’s a short process, it is important to have an expert eye surgeon handle your treatment. The LASIK surgery for presbyopia in Turkey is available in most of the country’s hospitals and is carried out by specialist doctors.

Conductive keratoplasty in Turkey is also worth consideration. Medical tourists who want treatment for presbyopia but don’t want a surgery can opt for keratoplasty. Instead of using lasers, the process makes use of low-energy radio waves to do corrections on the cornea and enable near vision.

Why Opt for Eye Surgery for Presbyopia in Turkey?

  • The presbyopia surgery cost in Turkey helps you save substantially. Cost of presbyopia treatments involving lenses and LASIK surgery in Turkey  are only a fraction of the prices charged in First World countries.
  • Getting presbyLASIK in Turkey comes with a lot of logistical advantages if you happen to be from Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, the UK, other parts of West Europe, and the Middle East. It is situated between Asia and Europe and has a rich mix of Western and Eastern cultures.
  • You can choose from a number of hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for your treatment for presbyopia in Turkey.
  • Doner Kebab Seller in Istanbul, TurkeyThe reputable hospitals of the country are equipped with the latest technology. These healthcare facilities are closely monitored and follow strict medical standards. A presbyopia eye surgery in Turkey would entail getting treated at one of the several state-of-the-art hospitals, many of which have affiliation with the renowned medical centers of the world. Medical Trip, for example, has a prestigious hospital in Istanbul, Turkey under its network which is associated with John Hopkins Medicine.
  • Language impediments during your stay for eye surgery for presbyopia in Turkey would be minimal as majority of the doctors are English-speaking. Our network Istanbul Turkey hospital has gone one step further by engaging the services of multilingual international patient coordinators.
  • Turkey is a country steeped in culture and history. Be it  presbyopia or glaucoma surgery in Turkey, while on a Eurasian trip to the country you can spend some time ingesting the sights, sounds, and smells redolent of its streets and relax in a vacation-like setting.

Travel Reminders for Your Presbyopia Surgery in Turkey

  • If you opt for presbyopia with lasik in Turkey, make sure to have someone drive for you after the treatment.
  • Taking a companion along for your presbyopia surgery in Turkey would mean additional costs. Factor for his/her expenses as well.
  • Usually, the doctors recommend about one week of rest after the surgery. During this time, you may opt to just stay in your hotel or take a tour around the city.
  • Presbylasik in Mexico may be more suitable for you keeping in mind the travel time and costs involved if you happen to be from the US and Canada.

With the numerous advantages and, of course, savings you can get, presbyopia surgery in Turkey is a good option if you want to regain your clear vision without busting your bank account.

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