Glaucoma Surgery – Turkey

In recent years, Turkey, with its state-of-the-art health infrastructure, has become one of the preferred medical tourism destinations for international patients. Glaucoma surgery in Turkey provides an excellent option for overseas patients seeking top-notch eye treatment abroad at reasonable prices.

With world-class facilities located across all the major cities of the country, several board-certified ophthalmologists offer high-end Glaucoma Surgery in Turkey glaucoma laser surgery in Turkey to both locals and offshore patients.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can lead to vision loss or blindness. The condition causes excessive production of eye fluid (aqueous humor) and also clogs the canals that drain the eye fluid, which in turn, increases pressure within the eye, resulting in damage to the optic nerve. As per a report published in the Bulletin of World Health Organization (WHO) in November 2004, glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the world, following cataract.

Glaucoma Surgery in Turkey – Key Advantages

The advantages of glaucoma eye surgery in Turkey are many, some of which are as follows:

  • The cost of glaucoma surgery in Turkey is just a fraction of the prices charged for the surgery in the developed nations. International patients can expect to save 35%-50% on costs incurred in their home countries by opting for glaucoma treatment in Turkey.
  • Glaucoma surgery cost in Turkey comes out to be lower than getting the surgery in the West even after including accommodation and in-country travel expenses.
  • Medical tourism in Turkey is growing rapidly. Besides people from the UK, Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbaijan, other European, and Middle Eastern Countries, the country also attracts a sizeable number of patients from the US and Canada.
  • According to Health Tourism Turkey Coordinator Gül Soydan, in 2010 the number of US citizens seeking medical treatment in Turkey exceeded the number of patients from European countries. He further added that each year nearly 40,000 people visit Turkey for medical treatment. Given such promising figures, it is easy to see why glaucoma treatment in Turkey can be a viable option.
  • Turkey has the highest number of medical facilities accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • The top hospitals in Turkey are outfitted with the most-advanced and world-class technologies and medical equipment.
  • The majority of doctors and surgeons in Turkey have obtained their training and certifications in European countries as well as in the US. They are experienced in using the latest techniques to perform procedures such as advanced laser eye surgery and traditional trabeculectomy in Turkey.
  • The lively atmosphere of this culturally-rich country allows patients to recuperate in congenial and safe surroundings.
  • Vehicles being Ferried over the Bosphorus - Istanbul, TurkeySure one can choose to get eye surgeries such as Laser, Lasik, and PresbyLASIK in Mexico and India; however, traveling to these countries for some might mean countenancing a long flight. With its strategic geographical location at crossroads of Europe and Asia, it requires a short flying time for patients to reach the country from most parts of the world. Shorter flying times also mean lesser trauma for people returning home after their glaucoma laser surgery in Turkey.

While patients can also save on costs by opting for glaucoma, LASIK or cataract surgery in India, Thailand, Mexico or Costa Rica, the convenience of travel, sophisticated health infrastructure and availability of highly-trained and experienced eye surgeons make seeking eye surgeries such as glaucoma surgery, Lasik, and corneal transplantation in Turkey an ideal choice for many.

Flying Times from Major Cities to Istanbul, Turkey

  • Athens, Greece – 1 hour
  • Baia Mare, Romania – 1 hour
  • Baku, Azerbaijan – 2.5 hours
  • Berlin, Germany – 3 hours
  • Budapest, Hungry – 2 hours
  • Brussels, Belgium – 3 hours
  • Cairo, Egypt – 3.5 hours
  • Dubai, UAE – 4 hours
  • Dublin, Ireland – 4 hours
  • London, England– 4 hours
  • Moscow, Russia – 5 hours
  • New York, US – 11 hours
  • Paris, France – 3 hours
  • Rome, Italy – 2.5 hours

Note: These are approximate flying times.

Medical Travel to Turkey – Places to Visit

There are many wonderful places for medical travelers to visit in Turkey while on a healhtcare trip. Some of the tourist attractions that patients can explore before and after their laser treatment of glaucoma in Turkey are:

  • Topkapi Palace, Istanbul – The symbol of the Ottoman Empire, this majestic palace has a series of incredible buildings overlooking Bosphorus (Istanbul Bogazici) and the beautiful Marmara Sea.
  • Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara – The museum has a huge collection of historic pieces, including Neolithic wall paintings and Early Bronze Age sculptures.
  • Alanya Kalesi (Castle), Alanya – Located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, the magnificent castle provides a splendid view of Alanya.
  • Kordonboyu, Izmir – Enjoy a refreshing walk along the beach and savor some delicious food and exotic beverages at bars, cafés, and restaurants in the center of the city.

Turkey offers a cost-effective option for people looking for glaucoma surgery abroad. Low-cost glaucoma surgery in Turkey can prevent further loss of vision and also save you a considerable amount of money.

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