Yuma Resident Reviews Mexican Dental Services

The video shows a Yuma resident talking about her reasons to cross borders to Algodones for dental treatment. She reviews the staff and services at Algodones dental facility.

Narration – “I’m Marie Simpson, I’m from Arizona. Transplant from San Diego, California and I just own my own business. I had come to the dentist, I usually go to…Hernandez and now that I’ve moved on to Yuma, I came over here from advice from people that come to my job. It’s been wonderful, they’ve been very good, receptionists have been good, and dentists have been good. And the price obviously, just as good as private care.”

So that international patients at dental clinic in Algodones do not have to run around the town scrambling for hotels, hotels are booked in advance all the measures to make guests feel at home are taken such as, providing the essential Mexican culinary experience. Los Algodones has earned quite a reputation for inexpensive shopping. The crime is virtually absent so it is safer than the most Mexican cities.

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