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Dental Implants in Los Algodones

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Most people in Canada and the US do not have dental insurance coverage. Dental treatments are very expensive in the US and other A Solution for Missing Teeth - Dental Implants developed countries and often people don’t bother to have their missing teeth or dental problems fixed because they cannot afford the high prices. Dental implants are, in particular, extremely expensive. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of America has found that the average number of missing teeth for Americans 50-64 yrs of age is 5.3.


Mexico can offer a low cost alternative and if you happen to live near the US/Mexico border, you can drive across to get your dental implants in Los Algodones, a town in Baja California only 7 miles south of Yuma, Arizona.


 What are Dental Implants?


  • These are a more permanent solution to missing teeth because they are connected directly to the jawbone and therefore cannot fall out or become loose like dentures or bridges.
  • A screw made of titanium is inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth root. When enough bone has grown around the screw implant to help support it, a ceramic prosthetic tooth is inserted onto the screw. Dental implants can last much longer than a bridge or denture.
  • Before an implant is performed, x-rays of the jawbone are taken to make sure that there is enough bone structure to take the titanium implant, otherwise, bone grafts may have to be undertaken.
  • The whole implant procedure may take several months to a year because it is done in several stages.

Why Get Teeth Implants in Los Algodones?


  • Dental care in Mexico is first class, rivaling the best in the developed world and its clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Dentists speak English and in all likelihood, have also studied in America. A View of Los Algodones
  • The cost of dental implants here is much lower than in the US or Canada.  This leaves you enough money to take a relaxing vacation or have other procedures done.
  • While getting dental implants, you can also opt for cosmetic dental procedures in Los Algodones.
  • The Mexican border city is easily accessible from the US border by car or bus.
  • The waiting list to get dental treatment here is much smaller than in the US or Canada where normally you must wait several weeks or longer.

Getting There


  • The closest point of entry is from Yuma, Arizona. If you live in San Diego or vicinity, it’s just about a 90 minute drive.
  • You could probably just drive down to the Mexican border town and make an appointment the same day. Then relax in a nice hotel and enjoy the food while getting the implants done.
  • Since the city is near the border, a follow up trip to get the prosthetic teeth fitted won’t be a major problem.
  • If you have to fly, then the two closest airports would be Yuma International Airport, which is only about 15 minutes drive from the Mexican border. The other option is the El Centro Airport in Imperial County, CA, which is about 50 miles from Algodones.

Precautions to Take When on A Dental Trip to Algodones

  • Research on the internet or phone directly to your chosen clinic and speak with them directly. Ask any questions which come to mind and expect good logical answers.
  • Read testimonials on dental implants in Algodones from former clients.
  • Verify that the clinic and dentist are certified and licensed by the relevant health authorities.
  • Get a firm quote for the cost of dental implants in Algodones. Ask if there are any extra charges or if the price is all inclusive.
  • Do not have anything to do with illegal drugs while in Mexico.
  • Make sure you have at least six months validity on your passport if you are a US citizen.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash on you while walking around town. Look and act discreetly.


For those without adequate dental insurance coverage, and who are missing several teeth, getting dental implants in Los Algodones will save them a lot of money. Los Algodones has excellent clinics and if you live close to the border, it is more accessible than flying to Mexico City or Cancun. Plus, being a smaller town, it’s much less chaotic and stressful.


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Instant Dentures in India

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With instant dentures in India, you can have a full smile again at a fraction of the cost. If missing teeth are causing you embarrassment Denture Installation In-Progress or otherwise compromising your quality of life, same-day treatment in a dental tourism destination such as India is a quick and easy way to get the dental care you need without breaking the bank.


The cost of procedures such as same day dentures and dental implants in India is considerably less than in the UK and Australia, and many people are taking advantage of these savings to get the treatment they couldn’t otherwise afford at home.


What are Instant Dentures?


Instant dentures are a great solution to missing or damaged teeth that can be had in a single visit.The process involves extracting the teeth and constructing a lifelike prosthetic in an on-site lab. The prosthetic is then inserted into the mouth and allowed to heal over. Some patients find that because instant dentures result in less blood loss than other forms of oral surgery, recovery from the procedure is shorter and less painful.


Why Travel for Immediate Dentures in India?


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “the oral health status of Australia’s adults ranks second-worst in the OECD group of wealth nations.” Many of these adults want to improve their oral health, but lack the resources to visit a costly domestic clinic. Low-priced dentures in a day in India are attractive not only because of the savings on the procedure itself but also because of the shorter stay required for completion.


Of course, not everyone with teeth problems requires a full set of dentures. Patients who only need one or two teeth replaced can take advantage of similarly low prices on immediate load dental implants in India.


Cost of Same Day Dentures


Hospital for Instant Dentures in India In general, dental procedures in India cost 50-75% less than in more developed countries. The following article gives a comparison of cost of same day denture implants in India, the UK and the USA. Patients who travel for instant dentures in India can expect similar savings.


The biggest factor impacting the cost of same day dentures in India is the country’s cheaper cost of living. Many patients who travel for oral surgery abroad worry that the quality of care they receive will be lower than in their home country. Dental clinics and hospitals, particularly those catering to medical tourists, are of comparable quality to those in the US, the UK and Australia. Many even have JCI and other international accreditations.


Where to Go for Dentures in an Hour in India?

As the world’s second-most populous country, India has many options for dental tourists. Some of the most popular are:

  • Mumbai: As the country’s largest city and commercial center, Mumbai is home to several world class dental clinics. Visitors can take in a Bollywood film or stroll along the city’s historic waterfront as they recover from their procedure.
  • Delhi: As the country’s capital, Delhi has a thriving middle class of public servants which ensures many easy-on-the-pocket options for quality dental care. Some of Delhi’s most popular attractions include the famous Old City, with its bustling markets and historic architecture.
  • Bangalore: A high tech hub in the Karnataka province, Bangalore’s highly educated populace and many universities and hospitals make it an excellent choice for dental tourism.


With a TechNavio report forecasting that the market for dental implants will “reach US$101.2 million by 2014,” there’s no shortage of options for receiving artificial teeth in India in a day.Where you go ultimately comes down to finding a dentist you feel comfortable working with. There are many resources online to help you, such as the following video where a surgeon specializing in permanent dentures and teeth implants in India discusses his education and experience.


Don’t let missing or damaged teeth keep you from smiling any longer! By traveling for instant dentures in India, you can take advantage of low cost oral surgery in a clean and reputable environment. As an added bonus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience one of the world’s most unusual tourist destinations.


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Permanent Dentures in Cancun – Mexico

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Permanent Dentures The ever increasing dental care costs in the USA and Canada have made it harder for many to get treatment in these two countries. That’s why, every year, a large number of Americans and Canadians go on a medical trip to Mexico to avail low-cost yet quality dental services. Permanent dentures in Cancun – Mexico offer a great opportunity to people from these countries to get natural looking and functioning teeth without breaking the bank.


Types of Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are used to replace damaged or missing teeth. They are permanently bonded or implanted into the mouth. Permanent denture is considered better than a traditional denture as one doesn’t have to take it out of the mouth everyday or face the problem of slippage while eating or talking. There are basically two types of permanent dentures – partial and complete.

Partial Permanent Dentures: They are ideal for people who have a few teeth missing. Assessment of abutment teeth (the neighboring teeth on both sides of the gap created by missing teeth) is done by the dentist to determine if a partial permanent denture is a viable option. If the surrounding teeth are in good condition, a partial denture is mounted in place and bonded permanently to the abutment teeth.

Complete Permanent Dentures: Also referred to as implant permanent dentures, they can be used to replace a few missing teeth or a full set of teeth. Assessment of the gum line is done by the dentist to see if the gums have the capability of holding them. If the gums are in healthy condition, then a surgical procedure is performed in which titanium rods are screwed into the bone tissue of the gums. When the gums have healed completely, an implant denture is cemented on to the titanium posts.


How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost in Cancun?

Cost is perhaps the most important factor in decision-making when it comes to getting affordable dental bridges or cheap teeth implants abroad.

  • As per the Vital and Health Statistics report titled Oral Health Status and Access to Oral Health Care for U.S. Adults Aged 18-64: National Health Interview Survey, 2008 released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in July 2012, 16% of dentate adults in the age group of 18 to 64 years “had an unmet dental need due to cost in the past 12 months.”
  • Affordable dentures in Cancun – Mexico are very much a reality as the dental prosthesis here cost much lower than the prices quoted in the US and Canada.
  • Depending on the type of permanent dentures, dental tourists can expect to save anywhere from 50% to 70% on what they would have paid in their native places.
  • Low permanent dentures prices in Cancun, Mexico allow patients to get the dental care they need, but can’t access it in their own countries because of high costs.


Permanent Dentures in Cancun, Mexico – Key Advantages

Apart from the cost advantage of teeth restoration in Mexico, there are several other major advantages of getting fixed dentures in Cancun.

  • The quality of dental services in Mexico is at par with the American standards. Punta Cancun, the easternmost  point of Isla Cancun Leading dental clinics and hospitals are equipped with all the latest and sophisticated dental equipment needed to carry out a variety of dental treatments such as fixed hybrid denture dental implants in Cancun.
  • Whether it is full arch dentures or fixed upper dentures in Cancun, the top Mexican dentists are highly trained and experienced to perform all kinds of dental procedures. Several dentists practicing in Mexico have even received their training in the United States.
  • The U.S. patients have an added advantage when it comes to getting dentures in Cancun, Mexico. Because of Mexico’s geographical proximity to the U.S., American citizens can save both money and time by opting for permanent dentures in a day in Cancun instead of getting dental implants in India or dental crowns in Costa Rica.
  • No waiting times are an added bonus. This means patients can get their dental procedure, such as all on 4 implants in Cancun – Mexico, as per their preference and convenience.


Sightseeing in Cancun – Places of Interest

Fantastic weather year-around and beautiful places to explore make Cancun an ideal dental tourism destination. Some of the tourist attractions in Cancun to explore are:

  • Spa at the Royal Sands: Enjoy a relaxing message after your dental treatment in Cancun at this lush spa.
  • Fish Spa Mexico: Sit back and relax as the fish nibble at your feet at this wonderful fish spa.
  • Coba Ruins: Explore Mayan ruins and enjoy amazing views.
  • Playa Paraiso Golf Club: Relax under the sun or swim in clear waters at this paradise on the beach. The place is famous for its golf course and Mexican restaurants.

By opting for permanent dentures in Cancun, Mexico, international patients can save a lot of money, enjoy a tropical vacation at the same time, and return home with a mouthful of sparkling teeth.


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How to Find a Good Dentist in Cancun – Mexico?

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Do you want to save money on dentistry and have a fabulous Mexican vacation, and are considering traveling to Cancun for your Finding a Dentist in Cancun - Mexico treatment? Are you fretting because you don’t know how to find a good dentist in Cancun? Luckily, there are many qualified dentists in Cancun, and Medical Trip works with the best of them.


Good dental care is getting harder to afford in the United States and Canada, which is why it is becoming more popular for North American patients to fly down to Mexico for dental work. According to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, of the 172 million Americans with private health insurance, 26% have no dental coverage, and this doesn’t even include the increasing number of Americans with no health insurance at all. Fortunately, dentists in Cancun do not charge anywhere near as much as their North American peers, making quality dental care a reasonably priced possibility for those who couldn’t afford it otherwise.


What to Look For in a Dentist in Cancun?


Because there are so many excellent options, you have the luxury of being picky when choosing the right dental surgeon in Cancun for you. Because getting dental implants in Cancun is a procedure that will change your life forever, your final decision should be a dentist that you feel comfortable with, that you feel you can trust. And a relationship like this involves good communication, which more than likely means you will be looking for an English speaking dentist in Cancun.


The Caribbean Sea - Cancun, Mexico This is quite easy, actually. Due to the city’s popularity as a world renowned tourist hot spot, a large percentage of the local population speaks English in order to accommodate travelers from other countries. There are many good dentists in Cancun that speak perfect English, can easily converse with you, and clearly explain all aspects of your procedure.


The language should not be a problem in Cancun, but being able to converse in English is not the only thing you seek in a dentist. You also want to make sure that your doctor is certified to perform a wide range of procedures and has good experience. Whether you are looking to come to Cancun for dental veneers or a complete mouth restoration, you should be able to find the right cosmetic dentist or dental implant surgeon in Cancun that can give your smile the sprucing up that it needs.


Searching for Dental Clinics in Cancun


Many a time, good dentists are recognized by the reputation of their dental clinic and Medical Trip works with many clinics in the city that are equipped with high tech dental tools and machines so as to be able to provide the latest in various procedures their patients come looking for. Some of the popular procedures offered by our network dentists in Cancun are:


  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain bridges
  • Permanent dentures
  • Crown lengthening for ‘gummy’ smile
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Gum depigmentation


Many of the clinics have laboratories on the premises for fabricating crowns, veneers and other prostheses, which helps cuts down on wait times and adds to overall customer satisfaction, as patients do not have to wait for their new teeth to get to the top of a waiting list in a lab all the way across town. It will give you more time to spend out one the beach, enjoying your time in this Caribbean paradise.


If seeking treatment from the best dental surgeons in Cancun, a thorough research is advised. Medical Trip has the experience, the network, and the know-how to get you down to Cancun, get your teeth fixed up, and have a wonderful, memorable vacation, all for less than what you would spend at your local dentist’s office. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to find a good dentist in Cancun, Mexico.


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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Los Algodones – Mexico

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For Americans without dental insurance, getting crowns and bridges can be extremely expensive. According to the American Dental Dental Crowns and Bridges in Los Algodones - Mexico Association, 69% of adults are missing one or more teeth. Getting your dental crowns and bridges in Los Algodones, a quaint little town just across the border in Mexico can be a huge cost saver. Moreover, the dental tourism hub is easily accessible by car from the US.


One of the reasons why an increasing number of Americans are getting their missing teeth replaced across the border is the availability of cheaper dental implants and crowns, and low cost of dental bridges in Mexico.

What are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

  • A bridge replaces missing teeth by literally bridging the gap between adjacent teeth.
  • A bridge is made of two crowns which fit over the teeth on either side of the gap, and have false tooth/teeth in between. The crowns are the anchoring teeth which support the dental bridge.
  • Dental crowns are made of different materials such as metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic and zirconium.
  • You can also opt for metal-free crowns and bridges in Los Algodones.
  • Dental bridges can replace your missing teeth, thereby giving you a full set of teeth, making it easier to eat again and restoring your smile.

Why Get Dental Crowns and Bridges in Los Algodones?

A recent report from the US National Center for Health Statistics states that 25% of Americans (45 million) lack dental insurance. Many cannot afford the high cost of bridges and crowns in the US.

  • You can save money by driving across the border to get your dental crowns and bridges in Los Algodones. It’s less than an hour’s drive from San Diego, USA.
  • Dental caps in Los Algodones, Mexico are expertly done by well trained dentists and dental technicians. Marketplace in Los Algodones - Mexico
  • Another advantage of choosing to get zirconia dental crowns and bridges in Los Algodones is the abundance of well-equipped clinics which use the latest technology.
  • Combine your dental visit with a holiday in Mexico. Mexico has many beautiful tourist spots, beaches, ancient ruins and lively markets.
  • Dental clinics in Algodones observe high standards due to the fierce competition resulting from an abundance of dentists.
  • The leading dentists in Algodones speak English, are used to dealing with foreign patients and many have actually trained in the US.
  • You will have no problem scheduling your appointment quickly and getting your treatment done faster than in the US.

The cost of dental bridges in Mexico is much lower than in the US. Add to this the ease of traveling from Yuma, which is only 9 miles away, to Los Algodones and you have more than one reason to cross the border for getting your missing teeth replaced.

Handy Tips on Getting Dental Caps in Los Algodones

Research on the internet about your chosen clinic and dentist, search forums and message boards, and if possible ask people who have already had their teeth caps in Los Algodones for their experiences. Read testimonials from clients who have undergone treatment at the leading dental clinics in Algodones.

  • All US citizens traveling to Mexico need a passport with at least 6 months validity to re-enter the US. Make sure your paperwork is in order.
  • Contact the clinic and dentist and speak with them directly, asking any questions which come to mind.
  • Verify that the clinic and dentist are certified and licensed by the relevant health authorities.
  • Get a firm quote for the cost of dental crowns in Algodones, BC.
  • Do not have anything to do with illegal drugs while in Mexico.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings so as not to become a victim of petty crimes. Follow basic safety tips while in Mexico.

Dental crowns and bridges in Los Algodones – Mexico can be easily arranged and done quickly and are relatively inexpensive compared to their American prices. After your treatment, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation at Mexico’s prime tourist destinations.


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Dental Bridges in India

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If missing teeth are causing your smiles to go amiss, it might be time to get dental bridges in India. With their competitive prices and Dental Bridges in India high-end dental services, you are likely to be satisfied with bridges and dental implants in India.


The rising number of dental tourists seeking low cost treatments abroad is reflective of the high number of Americans who lack any form of dental insurance. Add to this the findings of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, which indicate that an astounding 69% of American adults between 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth due to an accident, poor oral hygiene or gum disease, and you know why an increasing number of them are traveling abroad for low-cost dental procedures.


What are Dental Bridges?

As the name implies, dental bridges are connecting elements that cover the gap created by one or more missing teeth. According to WebMD, a dental bridge consists of two crowns on either side of the gap. While the two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth, the replacement teeth are called pontics.


Made of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials, dental bridges require natural teeth or dental implants for support.


If you are looking for low-cost dental bridges in India, choose a well-organized Indian clinic and you are likely to bid goodbye to the gaps in your teeth.


How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost in India?

The prices of dental bridges in India are very easy on the pocket. In most cases, foreign patients pay a much lower cost for tooth bridges in India saving up as much as 70 percent in services and surgeon’s fees.


But it is very important to know that the low costs do not indicate low levels of dental care. Low cost of living and labor helps keep the medical system cheap. So head to India for your dental bridges and you will get great value for your dollar.


Other Advantages of Getting Dental Bridges in India

There are many advantages of getting dental bridges in India besides affordability. Some of the leading reasons are:

  • There is an expansive list of modern dental clinics to choose from. You can get your dental bridges in India in a clinic that is known for its outstanding technology, equipment and services.
  • A Hospital Reception Area in India India’s top hospitals and dental clinics are located in its cosmopolitan and very well-connected cities. Not only can you get your fixed dental bridges in India but also get your tourism fix!
  • Much like top Indian surgeons, your dental professional is required to undergo extensive training and certification. Whether you want to get teeth whitening, oral surgery or ceramic dental bridges in India, you will be in highly trained hands.
  • You are unlikely to encounter any waiting periods for dental bridges in India. From dental work to eye surgery in India, a few phone-calls should set you on your way!
  • Most dental professionals are fluent in English. So if you have any questions about getting fixed partial dentures in India, aftercare or additional services, you will not have any language issues.


Traveling for Fixed Partial Dentures in India – Useful Tips

  • Before seeking dental bridges in India, read your contract thoroughly. Medical malpractice laws in India are close to non-existent and if you are dissatisfied with your service, your options for recourse are limited.
  • India has a diverse socio-cultural background. So please be respectful of its norms and behavioral expectations.
  • Dress conservatively, remain in safe zones of the city, and stick to accredited vendors for all services.
  • Most Indian businesses operate on cash-only basis, so keep some Indian currency with you.
  • Depending on the city you choose, the weather can surprise you. So make sure you check the local temperatures before packing for your trip to India for dental bridges.
  • Do not drink tap water or eat street food.
  • India’s national language is Hindi. Some common Hindi phrases are: namaste (Hello), kya haal hai? (How are you?), may theek hu (I’m fine), dhanyavaad (thank you), may kho gayi (feminine)/gaya (masculine) hoo (I’m lost), ye kitne ka hai? (how much does this cost?), maaf kijiye (excuse me), paani (water), bhojan (food).

Getting dental bridges in India is an attractive and cost-saving option. By choosing India for your dental treatment, you will return home with a mouthful of spanking new pearly whites.


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Snap on Dentures in Mexico

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Snap on Dentures in Mexico Dental procedures, especially the more complex ones, can be very expensive. Unfortunately, for those with no or little dental insurance, the option to treat dental problems goes out the window because of the cost. For people with missing teeth, snap on dentures in Mexico can be the answer to this problem.


Benefits of Snap on Dentures in Mexico


According to the American Dental Association, there are around 178 million people in the US missing at least one tooth. Out of that number, there are more than 35 million of the Americans who do not have any teeth at all. With the availability of low cost snap on denture implants in Mexico, you do not have to be a part of statistics. Here’s a quick run-down of why you should choose Mexico for your treatment:


  • Mexico has been known to be a popular choice for Americans and Canadians for dental tourism. Dentures, veneers, and dental implants in Mexico cost considerably less than their usual prices in other parts of North America.
  • For North Americans, traveling south to take advantage of low snap on dentures cost in Mexico is very convenient compared to going to other countries halfway across the world that also offer value-for-money dental tourism services. A short plane ride or even a short drive across the border can result in huge savings.
  • Because of Mexico’s proximity to the US, it is common to find Mexican dentists who have studied or trained in the US. They also regularly take part in conferences and seminars abroad to sharpen their skills in their craft.
  • Other travel expenses like hotel accommodations and food are very cheap if you decide to get your snap on teeth in Mexico.
  • The large number of dental tourists traveling to Mexico also contributes to the fact that dentists and their staff are very experienced with dealing with patients from different countries. They are courteous, speak English, and are very willing to fulfill the tourist requirements of their patients. This means that your options and preferences can be discussed very openly and clearly once, before, and during your medical trip.


Reasons Why Snap on Dentures Price in Mexico is Low


Dental Clinic in Tijuana - Mexico Here are just a few of the factors that make snap on dentures price in Mexico very low compared to that in other countries:

  • Because of low labor costs, some Mexican cities are sites of manufacturers of dental equipment and materials. This means that dental laboratories can get their materials for very low prices compared to those who need to import them.
  • Mexico has a very low cost of living compared to first-world countries. Most tourists can survive in Mexico for a few days on the same amount that they spend for a day in the US.
  • The hospital and clinic fees are also very inexpensive because utility bills and property rentals are cheaper.


Planning Your Trip for Denture Implants in Mexico


  • Get as much information as you can even before your trip. Send your latest dental X-rays and reports to the Mexican dental clinic for evaluation and ask for the best options for your case. If you are missing a lot of teeth, full arch dental bridges in Mexico may also be considered.
  • Using a good medical travel agency gives you several options for locations and dental clinics that can perform snap on partial dentures in Mexico. Cancun is great for those who want to go to the beach, while those who want an area closest to the border can go to Tijuana or Los Algodones.
  • Ask for the dentist’s credentials and qualifications to ensure you are working with an excellent and qualified dental health professional.
  • Mexico is usually warmer and more humid than the US or Canada, so pack appropriately for this type of weather. However, hospitals and clinics are air-conditioned, and so are hotels and most restaurants. Bring a light wrap or jacket for cooler environments just to be sure.


Getting the best snap on smile in Mexico can be easy with the help of an excellent medical travel company connected to some of the best dentists in the country. We have a great roster of highly-qualified and trained dental professionals in our network that can help you achieve a better and brighter smile.


Whether you need dental veneers in Cancun, or snap on dentures in Mexico’s other cities like Los Algodones or Tijuana, we can help you with coordinating evaluations, treatment plans, and travel itineraries. We at Medical Trip would be glad to help you explore your options in order to regain your confidence and achieve better dental health.


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Full Arch Implant Bridges in Mexico

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If you are tired of your old removable dentures slipping and sliding around in your mouth when you are trying to eat or speak, getting Full Arch Implant Bridge in Mexico full arch implant bridges in Mexico could be your affordable dental solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome removable dentures by getting cheap fixed dentures in Mexico.


According to the American Dental Association (ADA), 69% of adults suffer from edentulism, or the lack of one or more teeth. More and more of these people are realizing that getting dental implants abroad can save them thousands of dollars on the dental care they need.


A recent report from the US National Center for Health Statistics states that 1 in 4 Americans lacks dental insurance. That’s more than 45 million US citizens! No wonder more and more people are coming to Mexico for dental care.


Why Choose Full Arch Implant Bridges in Mexico?


  • The cost of complete upper and lower fixed bridges in Mexico may surprise you. Foreign patients usually find savings of 30 to 60% on dental procedures that are too expensive back home.
  • Mexico is an excellent medical option for US patients especially, due to its proximity. Because it is so close to home, you won’t have to worry about expensive travel costs.
  • Our network dental clinics in Los Algodones and Monterrey boast of safety and hygiene standards that match those in the US. Furthermore, most are stocked with cutting edge technologies and offer many comfort services, such as border pick-up shuttles, adjoining hotels, or money-saving package deals with hotels and other local businesses.
  • A Leading Hospital in Mexico Many dentists for dental implant bridges in Mexico, aside from being professional and adhering to strict safety and health regulations, speak English and are accustomed to treating foreign patients.
  • Mexico is also an excellent place to go on a vacation. From beautiful Caribbean beaches to towering cloud forested mountains to world-famous ancient ruins, you will find a plethora of ways to make your trip to get dental implant bridges in Mexico an unforgettable experience.
  • Many border towns, such as Los Algodones and Tijuana, are great choices for quick trips. For those who desire a comprehensive dental vacation in Mexico, tourist hot-spots like Cancun also offer excellent and affordable dental care.


Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implant Bridges in Mexico


A trip to get fixed dentures in Mexico can be as fun and exciting as it is cost effective; however, to ensure that your trip is as productive as possible, you must take a few things into consideration first.

  • Do your research. The purpose of your trip to Mexico is to get important dental care, so make sure you compare dentists and clinics in order to find the one with which you are most comfortable.
  • Get the proper paperwork. All US citizens traveling to Mexico need a passport—or passport card—with at least 6 months’ validity. Although some websites will tell you that you do not need a passport if you are going to stay in the “border zone” (20 to 30 kilometers from the border), a passport is still required to reenter the United States.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Although the drug violence in Mexico is widely covered by the media, it usually does not affect foreign visitors. However, you will have to look out for petty crimes, such as theft. Be aware of where you are and those around you and follow basic safety tips for your Mexico medical vacation.
  • Do not buy, use or be in possession of illegal drugs in Mexico.
  • Plan your activities. After getting your full arch bridges in Mexico, you may choose to stay a bit longer and see the pyramids at Chichén Itzá and Palenque, or spend a relaxing week on the white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen.


More and more people are choosing countries like Mexico and Costa Rica for dental implants, bridges and other treatments that they cannot afford at home. You too can save thousands by getting full arch implant bridges in Mexico and return home with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.


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Fixed Dentures in Thailand

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According to a research paper published by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health that studied statistics from Fixed Dentures in Thailand 2004-2006, those who avoided dental care often did so due to the high cost.

Those who avoided regular dental care were reportedly 3.7 times more likely to have needed a tooth extraction. If you’re among these people, taking a medical trip for fixed dentures in Thailand could be a smart choice.


Process of Getting Fixed Dentures


If planning a trip to get dental implant dentures in Thailand, it may be beneficial for you to understand the steps of the procedure before flying all the way down to the sun-kissed Asian country.

  • The first step is an assessment of the overall health of your mouth. Your dental professional will go over things like existing medical conditions, in addition to checking for gum disease and any problem teeth.
  • Your dentist will then map your jawbone, taking any impressions as needed so that the lab can begin creating your fixed dentures.
  • In the next step, your dentist will fit your dentures and place your dental implants. When this is complete, your final fixed dentures will be attached to the implants. Once complete, make sure your bite is correct and that your gums have healed properly.
  • Slight discomfort is expected but if you feel any major irritation in your oral tissues, let your dentist know immediately.


Benefits of Fixed Dentures in Thailand


Thailand is an excellent choice for people looking for low-cost yet good-quality medical care.

  • Combine sightseeing with dental care in Thailand Fixed denture prices in Thailand are much more affordable than in Australia, England, Scotland, and other European and American countries, where a small dental implant may upset one’s quarterly-budget.
  • According to an article published by the World Health Organization entitled “The Effect of Medical Tourism: Thailand’s Experience,” Thailand, Singapore, and India make up 90% of the medical tourism market and as such have continually invested in improving health-care infrastructure to meet the rising demand, meaning improved care for medical travelers. You will find plenty of well appointed dental implant centers in Thailand to choose from.
  • The growing trend of foreigners visiting Thailand for dental work means that you’ll be receiving care from dental professionals who have a lot of experience. These dentists have also gone through rigorous training and many of them have international experience.
  • Thailand is a beautiful country with a tropical climate and an interesting culture. With the savings you gain from the low cost of implant dentures in Thailand, you can easily stay longer and enjoy the tourist offerings of the country.


Planning a Trip to Get Fixed Denture Implants in Thailand


As you begin to plan for your trip for fixed dentures in Bangkok, Thailand, there are a few things that might be helpful to know.

  • If you’re traveling to Thailand from Australia and will be staying for less than 30 days, you don’t need to obtain a visa and will only need your Australian passport.
  • Local time in Thailand is three hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time, so plan any appointments and activities accordingly.
  • Before you make the trip to get your dental implant dentures in Thailand, you can ask for online quotes to choose the best bargain.
  • Thailand has a tropical climate, so you can expect warm temperatures from around 82 to 95°F for most part of the year. Temperatures are at their highest from March to June when they can reach up to 104°F in certain parts of Thailand, so make sure to pack appropriately.
  • With a beautiful atmosphere and culture in addition to low prices and quality dentists, trips to Thailand can be ideal for anyone as near as Australia or as distant as the US.
  • There are two main international airports in Thailand, one in Bangkok and one in Phuket. The two airports are:
    • Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (Airport Code: BKK). This airport is located just 19 miles east of Bangkok.
    • Phuket International Airport (Airport Code: HKT) is just north of the island. You can find frequent flights from Phuket to Bangkok.

Dental care is an important aspect to overall health, and you shouldn’t have to wait for care or suffer from pain any longer. By choosing to make the trip for fixed dentures in Thailand, you can receive great care at an affordable price.


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Dental Implants in Mexico

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Why are dental implants in Mexico a valid consideration? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-fourth of the American population over 65 years has lost all teeth. Tooth decay also affects about a quarter of the children’s population Dental Implants in Mexico in the country.


For different reasons, many Americans are losing their teeth. While earlier a quick-fix to missing teeth was unwieldy dentures, now there is the choice of getting dental implants, and more so, the choice of going on a medical trip for getting them cheap.

Dental Implant FactFile


  • WedMD defines implants as replacement tooth roots. They are not the actual tooth replacements, but rather the strong foundation where fixed, or even removable teeth that are created to match your natural teeth, will be placed.
  • Dental implants compose of three parts. First, there is the implant itself, usually made out of titanium because it is a metal that is compatible with the body. The second part of the implant is the abutment, which is the part that fits in at the top of the post. Lastly, there is the crown, which is usually made out of porcelain.
  • The success rate of dental implants is very high. According to WebMD, about 98% of dental implant operations turn out to be successful.
  • Mayo clinic breaks down the steps of getting dental implants:
    • The damaged tooth is first removed.
    • The patient’s jawbone is prepared for surgery, which may entail bone grafting if s/he suffers from bone loss.
    • When the jawbone heals, the oral surgeon places the dental implant metal post in the jawbone.
    • The surgeon places the abutment first and then the new crown.
    • The entire process can take anywhere from three to nine months. Much of that time is devoted to the healing process, as well as waiting for new bone to grow.

Why Look Into Dental Implant Treatment in Mexico?


There are plenty of benefits of choosing to get low price teeth implants in Mexico. Of course, you have to be circumspect enough to choose a dental clinic and implantologist of standing.


  • The low cost of dental implants in Mexico is the number one reason to consider traveling to the country. Even after taking into account plane fare, accommodation and miscellaneous travel expenses, the price of dental implants in Mexico would still come out significantly lower than what one would expect to pay in the United States.
  • The dental hospitals in Mexico offer a wide variety of services. It is possible to get prostheses such as mini dental implants in Mexico. If you want a quick solution to your missing teeth literally, you can also get “teeth in a day”- more technically known as same day implants – in Mexico.
  • US-Mexico Border Crossing Mexico is very closely located to the United States. The short distance from numerous American states and cities is the probable reason why it is possible to get cheap teeth implants in Mexico, even when you count in the transportation costs.
  • Another advantage that comes with Mexico’s close proximity to the United States is minimal language barrier. Most dentists and other medical staff in the leading clinics of the country can be counted on to speak and understand English.
  • If you want a few days to relax after your taxing dental procedure, Mexico is the place to do it. The country has plenty of popular vacation spots, such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

Keeping Safe and Stress-Free in Mexico


No one wants untoward events happening while being in another country. Contrary to some horror stories that you may have heard, it is still very much possible to have a relaxing time in Mexico. To help you achieve that, here are some tips:

  • US citizens do not need a visa to enter the country, so it is possible to go to Mexico on a short notice. However, this doesn’t mean that you can travel without your passport to the country (you would require it to re-enter the United States).
  • If you wear all your valuables and put them on display, they will attract the eye of pickpockets. Mexico is no different, so keep those valuables away and out of a pickpocket’s prying hands.
  • Do not engage in any illegal activities while in Mexico. It is illegal to deal, buy and sell drugs in Mexico.
  • Mexico can get quite overrun with tourists, so make sure you make reservations for accommodations ahead of time.

Low priced dental implants in Mexico are a great alternative for those who want to save money on their missing teeth replaced.


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Same-day Implants Cost in India

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We’re all hard pressed for time. This also sometimes means we run the risk of ending up getting cheap fixes to compensate for the time crunch. This holds true for dental implants. While traditional implants may take good 4-6 months before the function is assumed, they’re essentially cost-prohibitive. If you’re nodding in agreement, consider taking a medical trip to India, for the cost of same day implants in India will make you wonder – “Why, in God’s name, does my dentist charge too much?”


“Is it quality…?” – We hear you saying. Let’s find out.


Are One-day Dental Implants in India as Good?


This section will speak in depth about the technologies used and protocols followed for one-trip dental implants in India. It is advised that readers research well for same-day implant protocols in advanced countries in order to make an objective assessment and comparison. For the ease of readers, here’s one such review of Mexican dental services.

Same-day Implants Cost India


Below is the insider’s scoop on protocols and technologies employed by top dentists in India.

  • Before you set foot in India for your dental treatment, your dentist will ascertain your candidature by examining your medical history. He will ask about your previous experiences with dental implants, if any.
  • This procedure is not for everyone and before heading to India for one-day dental implants you must ensure you’re eligible.
  • Once ensconced in your dentist’s chair in India, you will undergo 3D scans, possibly using GALELIOS 3D diagnostic and treatment solution which produces 500% better resolution 95% lesser radiation exposure. The 3D mock-up will help your dental surgeon get a fair idea of the condition of your oral tissues and plan the treatment accordingly. In essence, you will undergo 2 surgeries – first, virtual and pain-free and second, actual and pain-free!
  • Forward. Time to place the titanium post. A titanium post, which is bio-compatible and simulates a dental root, will be drilled into the bone. As gory as it may sound, there is little mess when compared to traditional implants which, in their wake, leave behind deeper holes and a jungle of sutures.
  • Next, a temporary crown, designed and milled using CEREC dental CAD/CAM technology, would be placed on the abutment. Rest assured, these temporaries look as good as real. You can smile, eat, and speak normally while the bone integrates with titanium posts. A word of caution – follow the dietary protocol strictly as prescribed by the dentist, especially for the few days immediately after your implant placement.


Making the Most of Your Dental Travel to India


Here’s the exciting part. India figures in almost every avid traveler’s bucket list. If you decide to get your immediate-load dental implants in India, you should consider your dental trip to be manna from heaven. Here’s how you can make the most of your trip.

  • Make sure that you visit Ghats of Ganges in Rishikesh. If you’re adventurous kind, let us remind you that rafting in Ganges is truly amazing experience.  To quote Vasudeva, the ferryman in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha – “The river knows everything; one can learn everything from it,” It’s absolutely true of Ganges.   New Delhi, India
  • Himalayas on the north frontier should be your next pit stop. If you travel a little northwards from Rishikesh, you’d be right in the middle of mountain country. What do you do then? Take a hike, literally!
  • Travel a little westward and you’d be in Rajasthan – the enchanting, mystical desert land. It was once a bastion of kings. These royal remnants are sprinkled throughout the state.
  • From modern metros to old towns still immersed in tradition, India offers a lot to see – provided you have the time, and the will to visit.


The Cost of Same Day Dental Implants in India


Now, you must be wondering – “How much for same-day dental implants in India?”


Well, it would be futile to quote in exact terms the cost of immediate load dental implants in India since prices vary from dentist to dentist, but it can be said with some degree of conviction that you could save about 4-5 times of the money you would end up paying in most parts of America, Europe or Australia.


The simplest explanation for such low prices of dental implant treatment in India is the low cost of living in the country. Besides, dentists here are not as burdened with education loans or malpractice claims as in the West.


Opting to travel to India for same-day dental implants will not only save you a great deal of time but also help you save a lot of money. However, it is important first to find out if same day implants are suitable for you, and how long a stay will the whole process require? “Same-day” doesn’t apply literally—it may take a few days before the final crowns can be placed and you must confirm all details with your dentist in advance.


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Dental Implants Cancun, Mexico

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For many people struggling with dentures and requiring a long-term replacement of missing teeth, dental implants would be the apt solution. However, the exorbitant dental treatment prices in most countries of the West act as a deterrent to people’s wish of wearing a stunning smile and gaining an improved chewing efficiency.  Dental Implant - Cancun, Mexico

Now, one can get low-priced dental implants in Cancun, Mexico. The fact that high quality teeth implants are offered at a fraction of the price that dentists charge them back home, draws a large number of American and Canadian dental clients every year to Cancun.


Apart from its world-class hospitals and clinics, offering high-end dental services at prices bound to put a smile on your face, Cancun also boasts of vibrant beaches, swanky nightclubs, relaxing spas, and delectable food items to amuse a tourist.


Why Dental Implants?

The embarrassment and discomfort associated with missing teeth and dentures can be quite tormenting.  The most effective long-term solution to tackle the problem of missing teeth is to replace them with dental implants, owing to their esthetic appeal and functional advantages.
Tooth implants, which can be considered a boon for people with edentulism or damaged/broken teeth prevent the jawbone from shrinking, thus, helping people maintain their facial height which otherwise may collapse as more teeth are lost. Since they independently hold a crown or bridgework, they do not strain the remaining original teeth as in case of conventional dental bridges. Dental implants also make it possible to fix overdentures, thereby removing the uneasiness of chewing and speaking related to removable dentures.
Here’s a video of an implantologist in Cancun explaining the types of dental implants in order to help you make an informed choice.



Narration – “Since the 80s when dental implants started, there have been many many changes and we could say that today we have lots of brands, lots of shapes and lots of material. We could say also that Titanium, pure Titanium is most suitable for using like a dental implant. And about the shape, we use some kind of screw with some threads and I strongly recommend to use threads that give the people stability for the initial part. So, we know now that those kinds of implants are near to better success. So that’s important. Many many implants that we do work nicely.


When I see about dental implants is…As a matter of fact in many in Mexico…there is a lot of potential. Many patients have a problem; they go stiff very very commonly. So the best way to replace lost teeth is a dental implant. So, it’s the most suitable tool that we have…”


Why Go to Cancun for Tooth Implants?

There are a host of reasons to choose Cancun for a dental vacation.

  • Cost advantage: Whether you choose to get dental implants or veneers in Cancun, the cost-advantage that this city enjoys over the cities of the US, Canada, and the UK is undeniable. The low cost of living in Mexico makes it possible for healthcare providers in Cancun to offer their services for a minimal charge. Dental packages usually include the doctor’s fee, X-rays, CT-scans, lab charges, and after-surgery care and follow-up. Thus, you end up saving a considerable amount of your money when you decide to head towards Cancun for restoring your damaged teeth.
  • Connectivity: Flights from major cities of the US and Canada make Cancun easily accessible.
  • World-class hospitals: Cancun has a lot of dental facilities with JCI accreditation. An international accreditation is an indicator of the fact that the medical facility adheres to strict guidelines for offering quality treatment and care to clients.
  • Reputed doctors: The dental clinics in our network in Cancun employ some of the most highly qualified and extensively experienced doctors.
  • Medical vacation: Cancun offers a lot of options for a person to benefit from a refreshing break after his/her medical engagements are over.
Beautiful Beach in Cancun


How to Prepare for your Dental Trip to Cancun?

  • Before traveling to Cancun for your dental treatment, do an online research of the best dental clinics and dentists in the city. Reading reviews from satisfied clients can prove beneficial while making your selection.
  • Do confirm what prices are included in the package and enquire about any additional charges. While doing so, make sure you are not just drawn to the lowest prices. The quality of dental services in Mexico varies from clinic to clinic and it would be inadvisable to end up in a cheap place that does not match your quality expectations. That said, you must note that there are many dental clinics in Cancun that are equivalent to the American clinics in terms of quality and it is only a matter of making a good choice.
  • Establish prior contact with the clinics’ representatives and give them proper information about your expected time of travel.
  • It is advisable to keep your schedule flexible, in case you need to extend your stay for some reason. Also, keep ample time for tourism activities to make the most of your stay in this Caribbean retreat.
  • All water in Mexico may not be potable, so make sure you carry packaged drinking water. Some Mexican food can be quite spicy and you must be careful while experimenting with your taste buds.


If you plan well in advance for your dental trip to Cancun, you can expect to have as smooth an affair as taking a Mayan massage or snorkeling in the reefs. This can be a fabulous opportunity to combine an exhilarating vacation with your medical journey, where some of the savings made on your treatment can be used to finance a tropical escapade.


If you are an adventure fiend, you are going to love Cancun for what it has to offer—feeding sharks to riding an all-terrain vehicle through a jungle, you can make your wildest dreams come true. Not to mention the bustling nightlife in Cancun where the party continues till the wee hours. What better place to test your elegant smile than a Cancun nightclub?



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Dental Implants in India

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If you are embarrassed by missing, decaying or stained teeth, or are tired of wobbly dentures, getting dental implants in India might be a viable solution. If you are ready for a mouth makeover, it might be the right time to plan a medical trip to India.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 45 million Americans do not have dental insurance. Also, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons found that by the age of 74, more than a quarter of American adults have lost all their permanent teeth. Given these alarming statistics, an increasing number of dental patients are seeking healthcare in India. Dental Implants in India


What Are Dental Implants? 

According to WebMD, dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged tooth roots. Technically, dental implants are long-term replacement for damaged tooth roots and are secured directly into the jaw bone. They act as foundations for dental crowns, popularly known as caps.

Molded to act like teeth roots, implants are used for aesthetic and functional purposes. They help improve the appearance of your mouth and teeth, clarify speech, increase the ease of chewing, and raise oral health.

WebMD reports a 98% satisfaction rate with the procedure of getting dental implants. When you get implants for teeth in India, you are likely to raise your smile value without spending a wallet-shattering amount of money!


How Much Are Teeth Implants in India? 

In most cases, patients are likely to pay a much lower dental implant price in India as compared to in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK. Indeed, savings of 40 to 70 percent are likely depending on the amount of work you need.


But the low prices do not reflect low quality dental care. An affordable medical system, low levels of medical malpractice litigation and cheap labor make for cheap teeth implants in India. So if your question is “how much are dental implants in India?” be ready to be pleasantly surprised because you are going to get good value for your money.


Other Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in India

We have already mentioned that the cost of dental implants in India is phenomenally lower than the prices charged in the West. While low costs are the main reason for the increasing popularity of dental tourism in India, there are multiple other advantages of getting dental implant procedures in India.

  • You can choose to get your teeth implant in India in one of many modern dental clinics that are run along the same lines as globally recognized institutions.
  • India is a huge country with multiple dental destinations. Whether you want to explore the country’s political capital of Delhi, financial capital of Mumbai or the IT hub of Bangalore, you are likely to find some of India’s top hospitals in these cities.
  • Lower Himalayas - North India
  • The low price of dental implants in India does not preclude access to top dental professionals. Much like top Indian surgeons, your dentist is likely to be widely experienced and fully certified. From simple dental procedures to specialized knowledge on prosthetics such as Straumann teeth implants – India has provisions for all demands.
  • With an array of dentists and dental clinics, waiting periods for oral treatments are close to non-existent. Even complicated procedures such as eye surgery in India can easily be arranged without conflict.
  • Since most dental professionals are fluent in English, you are unlikely to meet any linguistic barriers.


Travel Tips for Those Getting Tooth Implants in India

  • Before opting for teeth implants in India, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your contract. Medical malpractice laws in India are not stringently applied and you might not have many legal avenues in case of conflict.
  • India is a diverse country. So whether you are in a North Indian city such as Chandigarh or a South Indian city such as Chennai, make sure you follow the local norms.
  • Use common sense while in India for dental implants. Stay in safe neighborhoods, avoid traveling alone, dress conservatively, and stay away from unsolicited services.
  • Most Indian businesses accept cash only so keep Indian currency (rupees) with you at all times.
  • Abstain from consuming tap water and street food.
  • India’s national language is Hindi. Some common Hindi phrases/words are: namaste (Hello), aap kaisay hai? (How are you?), may theek hu (I’m fine), dhanyavaad (thank you), may kho gayi (feminine)/gaya (masculine) hu (I’m lost), ye kitne ka hai? (how much does this cost?), maaf karna (excuse me), paani (water), bhojan (food).

Getting dental implants in India is a viable and cost-saving option. So head to this diverse country and you will return home with a chock-full of wonderful travel memories and a mouthful of beautiful teeth!


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Dental Veneers in Cancun – Mexico

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Dental Veneers in Cancun - Mexico Haunted by uneven, discolored, misaligned or chipped teeth? If you automatically cover your mouth every time you smile or are embarrassed by the gaps between your teeth, dental veneers in Cancun – Mexico might be a practical solution for your “mouth” esteem! However, the high cost of such dental procedures can make it prohibitive in some countries, leading patients to embark on medical trips abroad.


According to a 2007 survey commissioned by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), an estimated 599,000 veneering procedures were performed annually in the USA, which generated total revenue of $371.9 million. With dental care out of reach of many in the US, the low dental veneers cost in Cancun, Mexico is very attractive.


What are Dental Veneers?

  • According to the American Dental Association, veneers are thin, custom-made shells made of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front of teeth. Also called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, they are attached to the front of the teeth to improve their color, shape, length or size.
  • The process begins with a consultation, wherein the dentist checks the condition of your teeth and discusses your options. This is followed by the actual procedure during which the dentist removes about half millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, which is nearly equal to the thickness of the veneer to be added.
  • Usually under local anesthesia, your dentist makes a model of your tooth which will be used in a dental laboratory to make your veneers. This usually takes between one and two weeks.
  • The second stage is called bonding, where your dentist will fit your veneers onto your teeth.
  • Then your tooth will be cleaned, polished, and roughened to allow a strong bonding process. This is followed by the dentist applying special color-matched cement to your veneer, which is then attached to your tooth.
  • The process ends with your dentist cleaning out any excess cement, while making any required final adjustments. The process of dental veneering is usually irreversible.
  • Veneers need no special care though your dentist might advise against foods and drinks that might stain or discolor your teeth. So given the advantages, head for sunny Cancun to get veneers for your teeth!


How Much Do Veneers Cost in Cancun?

Mexico is known for its beaches, margaritas and value for money dental tourism. Since veneers come under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry, US dental insurance is not likely to cover the procedure, making it prohibitively expensive.

However, the answer to the question: “How much are porcelain veneers in Cancun?” is likely to shock most people since the dental prosthetics cost unbelievably low. In fact, you could travel to Cancun, get your procedure done, pay for your vacation, and you would still be left over with mucho dinero to shop and party!


Why Choose to Get Dental Veneers in Cancun?

Besides the affordability of porcelain dental veneers in Cancun, Mexico, there are proven reasons for choosing the city for your procedure. Some of the major reasons are:

  • Like most good hospitals in Mexico, Cancun’s leading dental clinics are world class operations. With sophisticated technology, high levels of accountability and stringent standards for hygiene, you are likely to be more than satisfied with your porcelain laminate veneers in Cancun – Mexico.
  • Dentists and dental surgeons of Mexico are well-trained and widely experienced. So getting lumineers in Cancun, Mexico will be relatively stress-free and you are likely to be pleased with the results.
  • With many of the dentists trained in the U.S., you will find that your dentist will have no problem communicating with you in English.
  • The support staffs at the clinic where you get your dental veneers in Cancun would be trained to be supportive and warm.
  • Dental procedures like porcelain tooth veneers in Cancun, Mexico are easy to schedule. In fact, complicated procedures such as gastric bypass in Mexico can be planned without scheduling headaches.
  • The proximity of Mexico makes it an attractive and cheap travel destination. So not only will you get low cost teeth veneers in Cancun, Mexico, you will save further on travel expenses.
  • Cancun is a top destination in Mexico. Especially popular with spring break vacationers, the place has a youthful and active vibe.


Travel Tips for Getting Veneers for Teeth in Cancun – Mexico

According to an article by Kitty Bean Yancey published in the USA Today on April 14, 2011, Cancun is one of the safest cities of Mexico. However, you must do your due diligence before choosing to get porcelain laminate veneers in Cancun – Mexico. Some other travel tips include the following:

  • Americans and Canadians do not need visas to enter Mexico. Cancun - Mexico But they will need their passports when they travel to get low cost dental veneers in Cancun, Mexico. Potential dental tourists from other countries need to check with their local Mexican consulates for immigration information.
  • Your stay for availing teeth veneers in Cancun, Mexico will largely be safe. But be alert and stay in busy parts of the city. Leave your valuables at home.
  • You can dial 911 in Mexico in case of an emergency.
  • If you plan to rent a car during your trip to get dental veneers in Cancun – Mexico, you must have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, the driver has to be at least 25 years old.
  • Stay away from any kind of illegal activities, especially connected to the buying and selling of drugs.


Low-cost dental procedures by renowned dental professionals in high-value dental clinics make Cancun, Mexico one of the top destinations for dental tourism. Add to this, the turquoise blue waters lapping against the powdery white sands, the pulsating night life, and Mayan artifacts and you have an all-inclusive package of reasons to get dental veneers in Cancun – Mexico!


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Dental Trips to Costa Rica

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Dental Trips  to Costa Rica “Dental vacation” is a new trend in tourism where organized trips and all-inclusive holiday packages are arranged for individuals who seek low-cost dental treatment abroad. Many people from the United States and Canada consider dental trips to Costa Rica as one of the best deals in terms of inexpensive dental work, world-class clinics, and expert dentists. Dental tourism in Costa Rica gives tourists an opportunity to combine dental health and a vacation at very reasonable prices.


The rising cost of dental care in the US is one of the prominent reasons why many Americans choose to travel to Costa Rica for cheap dental work. Data from the NCHS National Health Interview Survey indicated that there were about 45 million Americans aged below 65 years without dental coverage in 2008. That’s a shockingly huge number of uninsured persons considering the US is a First World country. By choosing to travel for dental treatments in Costa Rica, they can save as much as 50% to 70% on treatment costs.


Dental Trips to Costa Rica – The Advantages

Costa Rica is a great destination for dental tourists because of the country’s breathtaking views, friendly locals, and affordable, quality dental care. Here are a few reasons why dental tours to Costa Rica are not a waste of time and money:

  • The cost of dental crowns, bridges, and smile makeovers and not to forget, dental implants in Costa Rica can be just one-third of the prices in high-income countries. Thanks to the relatively low cost of living in Costa Rica and the competition for customers among the dental care providers, the prices are kept at a minimum.
  • Though the prices for implants, veneers, and dental crowns in Costa Rica are quite low compared to that charged in the US and other developed countries, patients can rest assured that the quality of materials and service are not sacrificed. High standards of quality and care are adhered to in any kind of dental work ranging from dental implantation to full mouth restoration in Costa Rica, with no expensive price tags attached.
  • Scenic beauty of Costa Rica High quality of care is not possible with the presence of numerous dentists in Costa Rica who have world-class credentials. Many renowned dentists here have studied and trained in the US and European Union countries.
  • Due to their high regards for quality, no wonder a lot of dental clinics in Costa Rica are accredited by international bodies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).
  • Most likely your treatment can be scheduled at a time convenient to you.
  • As part of their efforts to enhance and promote dental tourism in Costa Rica, dentists in leading clinics speak fluent English and ensure they meet the needs of their foreign patients. Some of the clinics boast multilingual staff and are very accommodating to overseas patients.
  • Visiting the most amazing places in Costa Rica during the course of your treatment may be the best part of your dental tour. Costa Rica is known for its natural and cultural tourist attractions, such as rainforests, volcanoes, national parks, museums, and historical sites.


Adding A Little More to Your Dental Trip in Costa Rica

Here are some of the places of interest which you might like to include in your itinerary during your dental travel to Costa Rica:

  • La Fortuna de Bagaces – A paradise where tourists can dip in swimming holes at the base of majestic waterfalls, or wander into the forests, the mud posts of Las Hornillas and the natural hot springs.
  • Wilson Botanical Gardens – Tourists can feast their eyes on colorful plants and flowers in the botanical gardens located at Las Cruces Biological station.
  • Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge – Explore the vast wetlands and see the wildlife treasures of Costa Rica. Through the Damas Estuary boat trip, you will experience a covered boat tour through the spectacular estuaries and mangroves surrounding the Damas Island.
  • Other top tourist destinations in Costa Rica that you may like to see include the Santa Rosa National Park, the Barra Honda Caverns, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and Cerro Chimpo.


The combination of cheap, high quality dental work and beautiful landscape scenery makes dental trips to Costa Rica a very valuable life experience.


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