Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India—Selecting the Right Hospital & Surgeon

hip-resurfacing-india India is fast emerging as a popular medical tourism destination for patients who require hip resurfacing surgery. The main reason for this is the price difference. Hip resurfacing in India is a popular option among those suffering from hip pain primarily because it results in cost savings. This article addresses the important things to keep in mind when shopping for a hospital to undergo surgeries such as hip resurfacing and hip replacement  in India.

What is Hip Resurfacing?

  • Hip resurfacing or surface replacement arthroplasty is a safer alternative to total hip replacement (THR) surgery.
  • In hip resurfacing surgery, only the diseased part of the femur is removed and normal bone is preserved.
  • This is unlike THR in which the complete femoral head and neck are removed, making it difficult for the patient to regain a natural gait after surgery.

Advantages of Having Hip Resurfacing in India

  • A hip resurfacing surgery can cost anywhere around $50,000 in the USA and £25,000 in the UK. In comparison, you can get a hip resurfacing surgery in India for only a fraction of the costs charged in the developed countries of the world.
  • In addition to the price, India offers some other advantages as a destination for hip resurfacing surgery patients. There is a  large pool of US and UK returned orthopedic surgeons in India. Some of India’s hospitals have internationally renowned surgeons with excellent training, experience, and track record.
  • The leading hospitals of the country provide quality medical care. Many of these state-of-the-art hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and world class infrastructure. The hospitals for hip resurfacing surgery in India have the latest orthopedic surgical equipment, stimulators, and traction machines. They follow international standards of quality and cleanliness.
  • Another advantage of getting hip resurfacing surgery – alternatively known as Birmingham Hip Resurfacing – in India is that English is widely spoken here. The surgeon as well as the staff attending you is likely to be conversant in English. This enables clear and open communication between you and the surgeon.

Some Pointers on Choosing Hip Surgery in India

Despite its many advantages, it is important to be careful when selecting a hip resurfacing option in India. Price should not be your only criteria. You should also look at other factors such as qualifications and experience of the surgeon, quality of the hospital, and quality of service provided.

When evaluating an option for hip resurfacing surgery in India, you should check out the surgeon’s credentials, qualifications and experience. The surgeon should have specialized in orthopedics after completing a formal medical degree and should be registered medical practitioner. Look for a surgeon who has undergone specialized training in hip resurfacing surgery and has at least five years of surgical experience at a reputed hospital.

In addition, select a reputed hospital that has fully functional Trauma division, Arthroplasty section, operating rooms, and ambulatory surgical suites, all at the same location. You should check the track record and past performance of the hospitals you are considering.

Request & examine the testimonials of the patients from the hospital & the surgeon in India. Ultimately patient outcomes and experiences are that matter.

Keep logistics in mind. If you happen to be an American or  a Canadian, then surgeries such as  hip resurfacing and hip replacement in Tijuana, Cancun and other Mexican cities would be more viable for you.

These are a few tips for those considering hip resurfacing in India.


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